Your daily body needs ,What your meals should contain

Your daily body needs

Your daily body needs to stay health always

Your daily body needs, It have been our concern to keep you healthy at all time , that is why we have decided to educate everybody including you to know what should constitute your daily meals.

In order to be healthy always the quantity of what you it does not matter, but quality in terms of nutrient. To be healthy and sound you must be eating healthy food. A healthy food is not the one that contains a lot of meats or fish or that are sweet but the one that is made up of your daily body needs.

Do you know that must at times we sick is because we do not eat our daily body needs. Do you know that disease like diarrhea, cholera, diabetes, heart attack and many more are caused by poor diet? Do you also know that what you are going to sick at your old age or tomorrow depend on what you eat today?  My dear do know that a healthy food is drugs for all sickness. Note that healthy food for your daily body needs is not as cost as drug you are going to take when you are sick due to poor diet.

To eat well, money cannot be a problem as we are talking about quality and not quantity.

Please what you are going to learn today put it into practice and you will see your health change for good.

Things not included in your daily body need which you should avoid

In as much as there are food you need to eat every day for your daily body needs, there are many you need to avoid eating them in excess. They are as follows:

Excessive alcohol


Food richly in cholesterol

Excessive carbohydrate 

Excessive protein

If it is possible for you to stop taking alcohol and tobacco at all do it for your own good. This because too much alcohol or tobacco has adverse effect on your health.

What too much alcohol or tobacco can cause in your body

Kidney problems, Liver problems, Lung problems, Stroke, Loss of memory, Miscarriages in women, Infertility, Impotent, Poor erection in men, Cancer, Metal disorder, Temporal memory loss.

Now you know while is good for you to either stop taking alcohol or tobacco at all or minimize how you take them. Remember is for your own health not me.

What you must eat for your daily body needs

  1. Eat food that contains enough vitamins every day This must be daily because your body does not store vitamin. You can get your vitamin from vegetables, onions, cucumber, garden eggs, apple, mangoes, oranges and many more. Food that contains vitamins must be taking every day, I mean every day because your body use up whatever amount of vitamins you eat very day without storing any.

The work of vitamin in the body cannot be over emphasized as it helps in digestion and increase the rate of metabolism in your body. Vitamin makes the work easy for your liver. Vitamin increase immunity of your body system. My dear, I must tell you that among the food you must eat every day for your daily body needs, vitamin must be among or you may face indigestion and low metabolism which in long run will complicate your health status.

2.Carbohydrate :

 Carbohydrate can also be described as the energy giving food, that is why  is among your daily body needs, you need it every day as it is required for your body daily needs

Though we need this food every day, but must be in right proportion as the excess carbohydrate is bad and is dangerous to our health.

Excess carbohydrate causes the followings:

It can over work your liver

It can cause obesity in adult and children

It can cause weakness

It can cause low metabolism and indigestion in long run.

3 Protein, is also your daily body needs

Let me state it clearly here, for some of you that say, I do not want to eat protein like beans, because I do not want to get fat. Learn a new thing today that protein does not make you fat; protein replaces the dead cells in your body. Do you know that about 5000 cells die every day in your body? Yes they do, that is why you need protein every day especially plant protein. How you think that you are going to look like, if those dead cells in your body are not replenished, very old I tell you. Please if you want to eat protein go for plant protein, why, because is cheap and better. Protein like beans can help you to digest cholesterol and also maintain your skins

In as much as protein is good in your body, the excess of it is also bad. The excessive proteins in your body can cause you the following:

Liver and kidney problems, so as you eat beans or any protein make sure is in proportion to your daily body needs


Water is one of the must important of you body daily needs: This is most important of it all, as you can survive without all other food for days, but you cannot live without water. For you to be healthy, start your day with one or two cups of water.

Water makes about 80% of your body weight. And in your blood the amount of water is about also 80%.

In conclusion, make sure that enough vitamins is among your daily meal.

Drink enough water, as much as you can, especially in the morning, as it will help you off load your bowel well. And every other food apart from food richly in vitamin and water should be moderated and taken for your daily body needs.

Good luck and stay healthy always, is concerns

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