Black cloth is not good to wear on a Sunny day

This is why is not advisable to wear black cloth on Sunny day, black surface or cloth does not reflect heat.

Instead black cloth absorbs heat coming from sun.

This heat absorbed, will be emitted by the cloth.

So because of these reasons, it is not advisable for one to wear black cloth on a Sunny day.

Because the heat absorbed and later emitted by the black cloth, will make the person wearing the cloth to feel more heat than the one wearing other colour or white cloth.

In addition this is to say that during cold whether is advisable to wear black cloth. As  it will help to retain heat in your body.

The white cloth being good reflector of heat is the best cloth to wear during sunny day.

As it will help to keep the heat away from you by reflecting.

This is also to say that wearing white cloth during cold is not good.

Because it will make you to feel more cold. Because it will reflect the one you would have enjoyed.

It is also advisable to paint your house white if you want to keep heat away from your house.

Or if you have any thing that you believe heat can spoil, store it in a white container.

Because the white container will keep heat away from it to an extent.

Now that you have known  what color of cloth to wear in any whether. Just keep the rule and enjoy your day anytime.


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