What you should be doing from your 40 year of age.


At 40 biological and chemistry changes start in your body, from 40 years, you start counting down, because is only few people that live above 80 years, and you may  not. Therefore if you are lucky to reach 40 years, know that is time for you to correct some certain things in your life. This is the time for you to make physical, metal, psychological, behavioral, and spiritual changes toward a healthy living. At 40, is also time to start afresh, trace your way back, especially when you know that the one you are following is not working?  If you have not started making it no cause for alarm, you still have the time and chance to write your name on gold.

That is it, let concentrate on health issue at 40 and above. Dear at 40 years you are to start and stop some certain things to maintain a healthy living. Like I told you above that obi is no longer a boy, it time for obi to take his or her health serious or otherwise wait for the doom day. But to avoid the possible doom day, these are what you should do

What to do to maintain a healthy living as you clock 40 years.

1. Regulate calories intake.

Let it be known to you that, at 40 your metabolism begin to decrease, and this, may result in you adding weight, which is not good for you at this age. More so, your body now needs lesser calories. Therefore if for instance, you are taking 3000grams of calories before, you can reduce it to 2000gram or lesser depending on your weight.

For the sake of clarification, what are these calories, they are energy giving food, like yam, rice, potatoes, or anything containing sugar, like soft drinks, beer and so on. So for you to stay healthy and young looking, moderate how you take in calories, very important.

2. Watch what you eat.

My dear 40 years is not 40 days, so you have come of age to watch what you eat. To maintain a good health status, like what I said above in number 1, you are not to eat excess carbohydrate, protein, or fat and also you should consistently eat balance diet.

3. Go for regular check up, and take medications, when necessary.

If you have not been going for medical checkup, it is time for you to start it, because as far as health is concern is very important, to maintain a regular checkup, whether you are sick or not.

Let me elaborate more, why you need a regular medical checkup. When you reach 40 years, many age associated disease will start to build up, which you will not notice, because at this stage they are without symptoms. So if during the check up and such is discovered, your doctor will take care of it, at its early stage and prevent it from showing up again throughout your life span. But if it is not detected earlier  and it show up at you later age, maybe when you are 60-70 or 80, it will be difficult for you to survive it , so make a regular checkup a point of duty.

4. Take supplements

AS you are adding in years so are your organs and systems, some may not function well as you too find it difficult to do some certain task. So your organ get weak and function in low capacity as you get older, but there is remedy and that is supplements, like multivitamins to increase your metabolism and so on

5. Exercise.

You might not have been doing exercise, but this time is necessary exercising, if you must maintain a healthy living. To exercise, it should be in the morning and evening. Morning exercise will help in long way to stimulate your body for the day’s activates, while evening own will help you to have a sound sleep. Note that it not advisable to do the type of exercise you cannot do regularly, so choose the type of exercise you can do with easy.

6. Minimize the volume of alcohol you take.

Whether young or old too much alcohol is dangerous to your health, but from 40, it is becoming more dangerous to take too much alcohol. Too much alcohol at this age may cause you liver problem and also cause high blood pressure.  So is time to call alcohol a quit or you minimize how you take it. Alcohol like beer can cause you to add weight which is not good for you at this stage, it can also stress you kidney filter and your bladder as you’re frequently urinate.

7. Stop smoking.

Smoking at this age may in long run cause you a lung problem, so is advisable you do away with it.

8. Have enough rest and stop overworking yourself.

My dear this time you take your rest serious, so if you have not been sleeping well , try to sleep well, at least 5-6 hours every day. Note that sleeping is the best exercise you can have.

9. Minimize the number of time you have sex if you are man.

Men note that it take you more than 5 days for you to recover the energy you lost during one round of sex, so if you are having sex at this age and above take it easy with yourself .Though sex is good, it has its own heath benefit, but it can also be life threaten, when it is done in excess. It is said that what is sweet is also bitter depending on the measure of the usage.

10. Make vegetable and fruits among your daily meals.

Whether young or old, you need it , because of essentials minerals and vitamins they give . If you have access to vegetable and fruits, there is no need, you taking supplement, because they help you more than supplement. Eat as much vegetable as possible, they have no side effect.

11. Start having a regular medical checkup of you prostate grand.

Prostate gland is a small gland found round male bladder. The prostate of a man start enlarging from 40 year of age. Many men experience prostate problem, as they get older. Therefore   is very import to check for prostate cancer.   It very serious as many men are prone to prostate cancer, at their old age which in most case the victim will not survive because of late discovering of it in the person. But the case will be difference if the cancer is detected early. The chance of surviving it when is detected on time by your regular checkup on your prostate gland, is almost 100%.

Take care of yourself, medically, mentally and physically or wait for the doom day.     

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