Vaginal discharge and Vaginal infection

How to deal with vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge

A discharge from vaginal can be disturbing, if you don’t know how to hygienically cope with it. Vaginal discharge can be attributed to infections, or as a result of vagina be irritated, though many vaginal discharges are normal. Normal vaginal discharges help in keeping the PH balance of your vaginal intact.

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Features of normal vaginal discharge

Normal vaginal secretions are clear or milky in appearance. This kind of vaginal discharge serves as lubricant, which helps in cleaning of your vagina and keeping it free from unhealthy germs. Normal secretions are odorless. Therefore if this is the type of your own vaginal discharge, doesn’t worry is normal, and is important in keeping your vagina healthy.

Type of vaginal discharge

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There are several types of vaginal discharge. They are grouped base on their color and consistency.

  1. White, cheesy and thick dischargers. It is a sign of yeast infections. It may be associated with inching or swelling around the vulva.
  2. Grey, white or yellow discharge, most importantly if associated with fishy odor, it is likely a sign of bacteria vaginosis , it may also include itching and swelling .
  3. Yellow or green discharge including bad smell is not normal. It is sign of bacteria trichomoniasis. This is commonly spread by sexual intercourse.
  4. Brown or bloody discharge. This is the product of irregular menstruation; it can also be a sign of cervical cancer, if it comes with pelvic pain and bleeding from vagina.
  5. Cloudy yellow discharge , if it comes with pelvic pain, may be a sign of gonorrhea  

Activities that can cause vaginal discharge

  1. Menstruation
  2. When you are taking antibiotic or when you are under medications
  3. Presence of object like a piece of broken condom in your vagina
  4. Using medicated or perfumed soap to wash your vagina
  5. Bacterial infections
  6. Vagina discharge, can also occur as a way of cleaning up vagina, which is normal.

How to take care of your normal vaginal discharge

  1. Use clean cloth or baby wipe to clean the excess discharge, while doing this clean only the outer part (vulva)
  2. Change pant or under wear to keep bacteria away from your vagina and also to reduce smell.
  3. In extreme case use pad, but you must change it as often as possible to avoid bacterial infections

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