Racksterly, an income program, true review


It is unfortunate and disheartening that this company is no more in existence, but below is what they used to be before they folded up.

How to make N400,000 with recharge and get paid monthly

To join Racksterly click HERE TO SIGN UP for free and invest anytime you want. But i suggest you invest now no delay in making money, i am a member too. To understand the business more continue reading. If you Sign up from the link above, contact me using the comment box or contact form, i have a gift for you.

Racksterly.co an income program is a great way to make money online, from your work place, home, office or anywhere, as far as you have an internet connection, to access racksterly.co on internet.

To make money with this company is not a hard thing to do, but something that requires more strategies and dedication together with the zeal to succeed in making money

Join recharge and get paid and start making money

To clear your doubt about the racksterly income program see the payment prove here

payment prove,

Join Clickworker.com to make money by performing simple task.

There are many ways to make money online, such as affiliate marketing, working with clickworker.com, investing in some legitimate companies online etc, but here I will be concentrating on Racksterly.co.

Before i continue, to assure you that it is not scam but legitimate, this is my own referral link raxxly.co/x/938A

How does Racksterly.co works.

Without beating about the bush, I will tell you that Racksterly.co is for now Nigeria fastest growing media sharing platform that allows you to make money when you promote a business of your choice on your facebook timeline. Racksterly.co pays you when a link you shared is clicked at least once. Racksterly also pays 5%  in commission when you refer a people to their platform, through your referral link.

Note that you can only share once a day, this means that you earning is fixed unless your earning through referral which is not compulsory.

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4 type of plan in Racksterly.co and earnings


How you earn on racksterly.co income program:  

First, Sign-up to the company by completing your registration details such as your name, bank account and email.

  1. Second subscribe to any of the  4 plans
  2. On your dashboard, select any of the adverts which you believe that your friends in facebook may like and share it on your timeline.  When any of you friends click on the advert you get paid according into your subscription plan.
  3. You also get paid  5% commission in commission when you refer person to Racksterly.co

Another ways of earning in Racksterly.co.

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Another way of earning is by completing a series of achievement
There are many achievements that one can unlock and you get paid. They are referral based. Since they want to grow so that other companies and organizations would want to advertise with them, commissions are paid to you for your contributions in their growth. A list of achievements they will pay for are

  1.  Your first referral earn you $2.5
  2. When you refer person on the same day you subscribed you get you $3
  3. When you refer 10 people within a month subscription  you get  $45
  4. When you refer 20 people within a month subscription gets you $80
    5 Referring 50 people in a month subscription gets you $150
  5. Referring 100 people in a month subscription gets you $350
  6.  Referring 3 friends in 1 month subscription gets you $10
  7. Referring 2 persons on the day your subscription ends get you $9

How to sign up On Racksterly.co Income Program to earn?

 For more understanding visit the company official page at Racksterly.co or Click here to take you to Racksterly income program sign up page  and fill out a form which includes your Full name, password, bank account , phone number, email address then click sign up…

Advertising your business with racksterly

If you want your business to be advertised on the on facebook by racksterly income program, you can sign up with them as advertiser and not as a publisher.

The important of using racksterly to reach your targeted audience, is that you will spend relatively small compare to the result you will get. In racksterly business you can reach up to 10,000 audience with as little as $2. If about 2%, that is 200 out of 10,000 audience reached purchase from you and you are making $3 from each product, it means that you have made $600 from advertisement of $2. Is it not a good business you have done, for me it is more than good business.

If you want to sign up as advertiser SIGN UP HERE.

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Y is ur side no longer going true


Sorry for that, Thanks

Olateju oreofe sammy

All my effort to register was abortive, why or how can I register


Sorry for that the company is having challenges, but you can join recharge and get paid. It is also good.


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