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Photo Evidence Of Oreri (ora-eri)People Of Anambra State Being Igala By Ancestry

This is a photo showed the Eze Oraeri wearing the same Ejubejuailo medal the Attah of Igala wore and its an evidence that Oreri (Ora-eri) People of Anambra State Being Igala by Ancestry

In the picture, Eze Okonkwo, the Eze Nri Oreri is in the same traditional regalia like that of Attah Igala, with both wearing the Ejubejuailo medal (face-like object on their chest). Attah Igala began to wear it from 1515 during the Igala-Benin war. It was later replicated among the Eri (Eri, an Igala warrior from Idah) people, Oreri in this case to show their Igala root.

This Eze died in 1944 but till date, Eze Oreri dresses like Attah Igala. Oraeri people are also in Awka, and they are all Igala, because tribe is in the blood not by geographical locations. But if you have a contrary view, explain how Eze Oreri got the Ejubejuailo medal. Oraeri will be visited soon by me. One Igala blood forever.

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