Oral sex health facts and infections that it may cause

Oral sex health facts

Oral sex health facts : What is oral sex? Oral sex can be defined as the one of the ways of satisfying sexual urge, by the stimulation of genital organ using mouth, tongue, lips or the throat. Oral sex is common now among adult and young adults, unlike yester years when oral sex was a taboo and being practice by the few.

Many people have adopted oral sex especially young ones , because  they believe it imposes no danger, but how through is this claim? You will find out after going through this oral sex health facts. But is not 100% true that oral sex does come with any danger just like normal sex. Though oral sex cannot results in pregnancy, unless in rare cases.

 Oral sex health facts

Oral sex also can cause infections just like normal sex. To avoid or reduce the risk of oral sex, it must be a protected one, like wearing dental dam during oral sex, limiting exposure to sexual fluid, ensuring that no cut or lesion are present in the mouth or genital organ. Oral sex must be free from bleeding gum, lip sore, cuts, and broken skin.

Oral epithelium enormously reduces the transmission of infections among partners who involve in oral sex, while oral pathogen may provide opportunity for speedily transmission of HIV in oral sex.

Types of oral sex (Oral sex health facts)

  1. Cunnilingus: it can also be referred to as cunnilinctus. This is the type of oral sex , where woman’s vagina, vulva , and must especially clitoris is stimulated by her partner  using lips and tongue
  2. Fellatio: This involves stimulation of man’s penis by his partner’s mouth by licking or sucking. Fellatio can also be referred to as blow job.
  3. Analigus or oral-anal sex. It can also be called rimming. This is stimulation of partner’s anus with tongue or lips.. Knowing fully that anus is not a clean area of the body, there is no doubt that, oral-anal sex will result in germ transfer to the mouth.
  4. Nippling: it is sucking or licking nipples of your partner. This act have no know danger or infection unless is done in a rough and vigorous way.

The infections transmitted by oral sex (Oral sex health facts)

It is very relevant to discuss the infections that oral sex can cause, because people do it with easy believing that it can not cause any infections, owning to this believe many that engage in oral sex have been infected with one STD and the other, so if you are into oral sex bear it in mind that you need to protect yourself, just like when you engage in vagina and penis sex, or otherwise you are in for some troubles

1. Human immune virus (HIV)

HIV, can be transmitted by oral sex, though is rare. When perform oral sex with infected person that has sore mouth, bleeding gum or cut in his or her genital organ you are likely going to get HIV from the person. You may also get infected if the person cum in your mouth, or when your are performing cunnilingus and you allow vaginal fluid from the infected person in your mouth.

2. Gonorrhea

One can also, get, gonorrhea transmitted to the throat during oral sex especially fellatio. This may cause inflammation, formation of pus and sometimes sores in the throat, though most often it cause no symptoms at all.

3. Syphilis

Syphilis can be contacted during oral sex, from the mouth of infected person

4. Chlamydia

Chlamydia trachomatis , is a genital  bug that has become epidemic among sexually active young people  during early years of 21 century. It is at times found in the swabs taken from the throat.

When Chlamydia get established in the throat, mouth, or nose, it can cause various infection especially eye. This may cause one sided Chlamydia conjunctivitis.

5. Oral-anal sex can also cause stomach cramps, diarrhea and fever, by dangerous bowel organism, called Salmonella, shigella and campylobacter, contacted during oral sex

6. Hepatitis A, B, and C

Hepatitis A

 Hepatitis can be contacted during oral sex, which can cause jaundice and abdominal pain. This virus is often found in the feces in high concentration and surely must be present on a skin around the anus of infected person.

Hepatitis B

This virus that cause hepatitis B, are found in semen, stool and saliva as well as blood, so it may be transmitted during cunnilingus, fellatio or anal-oral sex. Hepatitis b can cause a very serious, fatal liver diseases and chronic liver damage

Hepatitis c

Hepatitis c, which is as dangerous as hepatitis B, can also be contacted by oral sex, and the chance of getting it will be maximum if you are HIV positive


Worms, like threadworms and other worms can be transmitted by anal-oral sex

(b).Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)

This infection is the common cause of genital ulceration. There are two types of this virus, type1 which normally affect lips, causing cold sore and type2, which cause blister on the genital. Genital herpes are characterized by recurrent bouts of vesicles (small blister) that may be on penis or vulva or other part of female genital track, which may break down to form small painful ulcer. HSV can as well cause pharyngitis , an inflammation of the throat  with ulcer formation.

7. Human papillomvirus (HPV)

Human papillomvirus is easy spread from sexual skin to skin contact with infected person. You can get it when, your vagina, penis, or anus touches genital organ or mouth and throat infected person, usually during oral or normal sex. HPV is most common Sexual transmitted diseases (STD) but most at times it does not cause any harm and many at times, it goes away on its own.

How to reduce the risk of oral sex infections (Oral sex health facts)

  1. Avoid oral sex
  2. Limit the number of your sexual partners, and be careful not to be pressurized into casual oral sex.
  3. You can protect yourself during oral sex, by wearing flavored and scented condom, for fellatio type of oral sex, but for cunnilingus type of oral sex you can wear a dental dam, a tin plastic film to protect you.
  4. Having the anti-HPV vaccine can also reduce the risk of getting HPV through oral sex.

Advice (Oral sex health facts)

In addition, is advisable to see your doctor as soon as you notice any of these infections mentioned above in your body. Or if you have been involved in any of the risk factor that may lead to such infection, do the same and see your doctor immediately.

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