Masturbation effect and the solutions

masturbation effect

The effect masturbation :Masturbation has been in practices, as old as human being.  Many adopted it as the way of satisfying themselves sexually, because masturbation just like any sexual activity releases endorphins in your body that promotes sense of happiness. Masturbation is more practiced by men than women. Though many seem to enjoy it, it may also cause some havoc or masturbation effect if it become a regular practices or every day thing.

Many may tell you that it is a healthy practice and even go ahead to tell you that it improves health condition, I am not disputing that, but when they tell you that there is no masturbation effect or that it does not have any negative effect I get furious, because they are not telling you the truth. Because of this, I decided to put it in writing for you to know what they may be obviously hiding from you.

When you become an addict, it will be very difficult for you to stop and masturbation effect in you will be enormous which include fear.

What is masturbation?

It is touching, robbing of your private organ to drive sexual pleasure. It also includes putting hand inside your private part, in the case of woman to certify oneself sexually.

The negative effect of masturbation or masturbation effect

Please forgive me, because I might not go into detail, but I am telling you the truth.

  1. It lowers your sperm count, and reduces your chance of having babies.
  2. It can lead to psychological and physiological imbalance.
  3. Over masturbation can cause prostatitis
  4. It can cause premature ejaculation and semen leakage
  5. It causes sexual exhaustion
  6. It is a chronic way of avoiding intimacy with others, which may lead to anxiety in long run
  7. It can cause a penile rupture , which lead to serious health condition
  8. It can cause stress and fatigue
  9. It also cause memory loss
  10. Masturbation causes hair loss, that may lead to baldness
  11. It also stresses liver
  12. Another masturbation effect is that it makes you lose self control when you become an addict
  13. One of the Masturbation effect is that it has spiritual attachment, believe or not, I am telling you the truth. You might be thinking that it is normal sexual urge, but it not.

It is better to sleep with woman every day than to get involve in masturbation of any kind, yes I mean it, because it will come with every negative things like fear and anxiety, it will make you socially imbalance and many more. Any when these negative things begin to happen to you, you are heading to depression, which might pose serious danger to your health and life at large. So if you are into masturbation try as much as possible to get rid of it because it a toxin.

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How to avoid masturbation

These are the lists of how you can avoid masturbation

1. Do not watch pornography

2. Keep female friends

3. Do not listen to erotic music  

4. Be sociable

5. Be close to your God

6. Avoid being idle, always keep yourself busy

7. Do not stay alone when you feel honey

8. Minimize your alcohol intake

9. Think positively always

10. Read good and educative novel when idle


 If you’re not into masturbation, please do not try to, because it might ruin you socially, psychologically and may even cause you mental disorder and depressions.    But if you are already into it, try as much as possible to follow the listed ways to avoid masturbation above

So If you are into masturbation of any kind whether addict or once in a blue moon participation, try as much as possible to stop. Because the sole goal of masturbation is to destroy you and your destiny.

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