magnet and magnetism questions and answers

Magnet and magnetism

Magnet and magnetism in physics

1. What is a magnetic material?

Answer: A magnetic material is any material that can be attracted by magnet.?

2. What is a magnet?

Answer: A magnet is any material that can attract magnetic materials.

3. What happen to a bar magnet suspended freely in the air?

Answer:  When a bar magnet is suspended freely, it will come to rest with its axis pointing toward North and south.

4. To test the polarity of magnet what is the only test?

Answer: The only sure test is repulsion

5. What is magnetization?

Answer: Magnetization is a process by which magnet gain its magnetism.

6. The process by which magnet lose it magnetism is called

Answer: It is called demagnetization

7. The best method of magnetization is what?

Answer: The best method of magnetization is electric method. This is a process whereby you insert the material into solenoid (a coil of wire with many turns) and allow a steady direct current to flow through it.

8. What is the best method to demagnetize a magnet?

Answer: The best method is to pass the magnet into solenoid and allow an alternating current to pass through it. 

9. What is induced magnetism?

Answer: Induced magnetism is the process of magnetizing an object by simply bringing magnet near the object.

10. When a magnet is cut into two, what happen to the halves?

Answer: The two halves became magnets with north and South Poles each

11. What is the size of smallest magnet?

Answer: The size of a smallest magnet is a molecule

12. A suspended magnet used to fined north and south pole is called what?

Answer: It is called compass

13. When iron fillings (small pieces of iron) is attracted by magnet, they mainly cling to the end of the bar magnet. What does this experiment show?

Answer: It shows that the end of the bar magnet is where the attracting power is greatest.

14. State the basic law of magnetism

Answer: The basic law of magnetism state that the like poles of a magnet repel each other while the unlike poles attract each other.

15. Why is that the attraction is not the sure way of testing polarity of a magnet.

Answer: It is because, though unlike poles of a magnet attract each other, but magnet also attract magnetic materials. 

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