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importance of water
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The health benefit and importance of water in our life cannot be over emphasized. Our people say that water is life, now I know they are right. Water is really life. I can tell you without missing word that no waters no life, it is a fact. Water is very important in our heath. Water is one of the things that every living things including human being cannot do without.

The first step toward achieving good health, start from drinking good water. Though water is good in our body, but not when one drink dirty or the one that have been contaminated by germ

The importance of water in our is numerous in the lives of human being, there are many things we use water for, apart from drinking it, like bathing, washing and many more.

Human being, plant and animal cannot survive without water.

When we lack water in our body is dangerous to our health, therefore it advisable that you take enough water everyday. Do not keep your body dehydrated for even one second, is not good for your heath.


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The 20 importance of water as listed below.

  1. Enough water intake reduces internal heat
  2. Water in the body serve as transportation means for mineral and nutrient in our body. Water can also transport waist product out of our body.
  3. Water remove toxin from our body through sweating
  4. Water removes fat from our body. It true because when you have enough water in your body, it increases the amount of oxygen in your body thereby leading to burning of more fat.
  5. Another importance of water is that it can quench hunger.
  6. Importance of water also is that it regulate the body temperature
  7. Water helps in weight loss.  Like I said before, enough water in our body  increases the amount of oxygen in our blood , which in turn burns  more fat in our body, which lead to wait loss
  8. It makes the absorption of nutrient by cell easy
  9. Increases metabolism is also importance of water in our body. Enough intake of water every day boost your metabolism
  10. Water gives strength.  It is advisable to take water when you are weak, because it will trigger fat digestion which in turn releases energy to your body.
  11. Water helps in maintenance of your body organs, like kidney. Yes if  you are the type that does not take enough water every day you are creating problems for your kidney, because the waist products that would have been washed away, out of your body by water, are being accumulated in your kidney , and if it continue for long time may lead to kidney stone, so to maintain your kidney drink enough water every day
  12. Enough water in your body washes out infection from your body. If you have urinary tract infection as you take drug for it, also drink enough water so that you will regularly urinate and thereby flushes the bacteria out through urine.
  13. Water helps in digestion
  14. Water increases our immunity
  15. Taking enough water every day can prevent diseases
  16. Water is a source of strength
  17. Water is a source of life, as nobody can live without  it
  18. Water reduces fatigue, joint pains, headaches and many more
  19. Water increases the level of oxygen in our blood.
  20. Add your own using comment box below.

The importance of water did not stop from what is listed above, but there are many more importance of water in our life. Important to note that water made up of about 80% of human body weight.


  1. Soft drinks will never quench your thirst
  2. Some soft drinks have caffeine that may shot down your digestive system
  3. Soft drinks add more sugar to your body, which is not good for your health
  4. Soft drinks is acidic and thereby increases the acidity in your body
  5. Soft drinks take water away from our body and thereby cause dehydration

Ones again your good health starts from taking enough healthy water every day as importance of water in our life cannot be overemphasized. .

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