how to read Vernier caliper

Vernier caliper is an instrument use in measurement.

We use vernier caliper to measure small length such as diameter of rod ,  internal diameter of a tube  the depth of a cavity or the thickness of a plate, that which cannot be measured accurately  by  meter rule.

Vernier caliper
digital vernier caliper

 parts of the Vernier caliper.

A Vernier caliper has two ,big and smaller  jaws that are used for measuring external diameter, and internal diameter of objects respectively. Some models also have a depth gauge. The main scale is fixed in place, while the Vernier scale is the name for the sliding scale that opens and closes the jaws.

Vernire caliper can measure to an accuracy of 0.01cm or o.1mm.

The venire caliper has  also tow scales, main scale M, and venire scale V, the venire scale which is smaller, is added to main scale to give the fraction of the smallest division on the scale during measurement

The main scale may be calibrated in millimeter, centimeter, meters or even in inches, while the venire is 1/10 of the smallest division in main scale ,  that means that the vernier is obtained by dividing  the smallest  division in the main scale into ten . For example if the smallest division in main scale of a vernier caliper is  0.1cm, then the  vernier scale is 0.1cm divide by ten ( ie 0.1/10 = 0.01cm), which is equal to 0.01cm

vernier caliper
vernier caliper

How to measure with vernier caliper

Note that each scale in vernier caliper red just like  ordinary meter rule. When you take your measurement with  venire caliper , do it  at where the main and venire scale coincide, so  after taking the  reading of main and venire scale respectively,  add them together and the sum  gives you the actual reading on the vernier caliper.

For example if the reading in the main and venire are 4.3cm and 0.07cm respectively, this means that the actual reading is 4.3 + 0.07= 4.37cm.

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If you want to measure , something like diameter of wire , the diameter of small ball or thickness of a paper you use Micro meter screw guage, for better accuracy .




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