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How to Make Money from Facebook in 14 Smart Ways. Learn it.

How to make money with Facebook

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Facebook as a social media platform where we interact with people, by sharing massages, images and videos.
No doubt Facebook since its invention have bridged the communication gaps between friends and individuals, but facebook functions more than bridging the communication gap. Facebook has brought progress in many business around the whole world, now there is course called Facebook digital business course.
Through facebook many business have come to the limelight. Companies are marking big money online through facebook.
If you know how to use facebook for your business, you can be self-made  millionaire in less than a week, am not joking. it is real.
You can leverage on facebook to catapult your business to that level you desire.
You can let the whole world know about your business. Through facebook the whole world become your market place.
Facebook is very good and easy platform to use for your busines. Through facebook you can make money working from home
After reading this post, do yourself a favour by practicing what you have learnt.

Now these are how you can make money with facebook. This post is free of charge, your payment for this post is your concentration and reading in between, let go there.

  1. Make money through your facebook post.

You can make money through your facebook post, by showcasing your business through your daily post. Your post must not be about your business everyday, otherwise your friends will look at you as somebody that want only there money. But you must be adding values to the life of your facebook friends and may be ones in a week you will make a post about your business. Through these process they (facebook friends) will trust you and will be willing to buy from you.
I say it again do not bulge your friends with your business post everyday otherwise they will see you as gold digger, and because of that your business post may never convert to sales.
Feed your friend with jokes and good news, make them have zeal to read your post any time you drop it. By then even if you make a businesses post they will read it and it will eventually converts to sales.

You can make facebook a full-time platform to make money or a part time side  hustle to make extra cash

  1. Make money with Facebook page.

You can create facebook page, purely for your business. When you create facebook page, what you do first is to invite your friends to like the page. And you duty is to feed the ones that have liked your page with relevant information about your page. Through these you can sale your products.

The good thing about facebook page is that it can be shown on google search engine. So facebook page have wide range of exposure more than your facebook timeline.

Facebook page has no limit as regard to number of people that may like it. There is a facebook page that has more than a million like. You can imaging if you use this kind of facebook page for businesses.
Let assume that you use this kind of page for your business post, and about 0.07% of one million member of the page converted into sale that is 700 sales. And may be you are marking $3 per sales, this means that through that single post you have made a profit of $2,100. Facebook page can as well use in network marketings such as recharge and get paid or any other network marketing your into.

  1. Make money with Facebook by advertising people’s or company products through your facebook Page

Oh yes, let assume that you have a facebook of about 2000 likes and you don’t have something to sale, companies or individual may approach you to place or review their products on your page and you will charge them.
Some pages charge not less than $50 to advertise company’s products on their pages per a day. If the advertisement is performing well, company may decided to pay one or more months.
Covert the months to money, assume they paid for only 2 months that is $3000 in your pocket.

  1. Make money by building and selling facebook page.

You can make a living by building and saling facebook pages. People are making money through this way from facebook, you too can start building and selling facebook pages.

  1. Make money from facebook groups.

Many of us belong to one or more facebook groups. But do you know that sometimes the post on that group are paid for.
You might have even commented and like such post in the group you belong to. But let me tell you the admin of that group have pocketed some money because of that post.
You too can create facebook groups, build it and start making money through it, from sponsored post.

  1. Make money from facebook paid ads.

Another lucrative way of making money from facebook is by advertising your business or products through facebook paid advertisement.
Paid advertisement on facebook will make money and also make your business very popular in low distance times.
Paid advertisement on facebook is best way to make enough money from facebook.
paid ads on facebook will give lesser targeted audience, if you know how to go about it.
If want to make big and quick money from facebook, I suggest you learn how to place targeted ads on facebook, and that Marks the beginning of your journey to financial freedom

  1. Work as a social media manager

If you are pro in the Facebook world, this profession is for you. You can work as a social media manager for a company. Globally many companies are looking for a social media manager  to cater for their social media activities. Because in modern days, most of the corporate marketing is taking place in a digital manner and Facebook is the biggest platform in that. Your salary will depend on the skills that you owned. It is a fixed way of income.

  1. Make money from facebook by selling affiliate products

What is affiliate program? This is where one advertise and sell other people’s products, whether digital or physical products to earn money as commissions.
If you have a commanding facebook profile, page or group with sizable number of followers, you can leverage on them to advertise and sell other people’s products.

There are many affiliate programs for you, such as Jumia affiliate, Koga affiliate, amazon affiliate, adworkmedia affiliate, alibaba express affiliate and many more.

You can join any of them and start making  money from facebook.

  1. Get involve in contest and giveaway Engaging in contest is also one of the ways of making money from facebook.
    Company or organization pay people to share, like, tag and comment on their pages or post

And, even if the prizes aren’t money, you can always sell prizes you win for cash.

Almost every business that uses Facebook – and even individuals with their own fan pages – hold Facebook contests or giveaways now and then.

Why? Because it is like a free way to advertise which spread like wildfire . Thanks to the viral nature of Facebook.

When a business page posts a contest or giveaway, they usually ask participants to tag friends, write a comment, share the status, and like the page.

When participants do this, the business gets a huge audience of potential customers who are dying to win the prize. Since there’s a prize involved, people are more willing to share to try to win! So, it’s really a win-win for everyone.

  1. Manage facebook accounts to make money

If you have mastered how facebook operates, you can manage facebook accounts for bloggers or companies.
There are companies ready to hand over their Facebook’s pages to you to manage, if you can prove to them that you know what you are doing as far as facebook is concern.

These companies are ready to pay good money as far as you can produce positive results.

To get job as facebook accounts manager, you can use your facebook profile to advertise your skill.
Again make a post on how you can manage Facebook’s account and tag those companies you wish to tender services to, by so doing you will definitely get one or two companies to manage their facebook accounts.

  1. Make money from facebook using eBay facebook App

eBay’s Facebook app makes it possible for you to connect your eBay auctions to your Facebook profile or page to get more views.

The app places a button on your Facebook page that people can click to see what auctions you currently have available.

From there, they can follow the links directly to your items to bid on them or buy them.

It’s just one more way to get your fans to see what you’re selling, which is great if you’ve built up a business on eBay.

  1. Use facebook selling App to make money

You can also use apps that are already created by others to make some money on Facebook.

These apps are selling apps that were either created specifically for Facebook or connect directly to your Facebook account to help you sell stuff.

  1. Make money promoting your youtube channel on facebook

If you have a YouTube channel, I think facebook is a good place to promote it.
Considering the population in facebook, your YouTube channel view must surely soar high.

  1. Make money from facebooks by becoming social media influencer

You can also earn money becoming an influencer with your normal profile. If posts on your facebook wall get decent likes and comments, becoming an influencer is a good way to earn money.

Also if you have a fan following and you interact with them through your personal profile, then you can make money by signing up through an influencer account on or to start earning.

After signing up, you will be required to fill a form where you will enter your profile information and you can fix price as an influencer. For example, you may charge 5,000 per facebook post giving emphasis to a brand.


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