Holding urine side effect on your health

Holding urine

Holding your urine side effect: There are many health problems that can be avoided by simply heading to rest room as soon as your body informs you of the needs.  It is known that the key to healthy bladder is to urinate as quick as when nature calls.

Volumes Capacity of Bladder

For adults, the volume of urine that bladder can hold are 16 ounces , that is about 2 cups while  in children,  depending  on their age,   can hold about 4-8 ounces that  is about half -1 cup.

When the bladder is half full, it activates the nerves and nerves will send signal to the brain, and the brain will in turn send signal to bladder to hold on until is time. But when the bladder full and you continue to hold the urine by contracting your urinary track muscles for a long time, you are heading for trouble if it becomes a part of your habit to hold your urine for long time always.

 Holding urine effect for long.

1. It can cause urinary tract infections   [UTIS], because if urine stays long in your bladder, the bacteria in the urine, may trace its way into urinary track and thereby causes infections.

2.Another holding urine effect is Kidney Stone. The urine may trace its ways back to kidney and deposit calcium and sodium from the urine on the kidney. If this continues always, the deposit of calcium and sodium will form stone in the kidney, and that is what leads to kidney stone, which is serious health condition.

3. It causes cystitis: This is inflammation of walls of the bladder. This holding urine effect is mostly found in women.

holding urine

4. It makes you uncomfortable at the time you are holding urine

5. It can make you to mess up yourself

6. It can make your brain not function at the moment you’re holding your urine

7. It can cause Pains at the pelvis

8. It can cause burning and pains while urinating

9. Also swelling of Bladder is holding urine effect.

10. It cause Stomach pain

11. Fever can also result from holding your urine

12. over active bladder. This holding urine effect is a situation whereby you urine so often than normal

14. It deposit toxin in your body, which may cause other health issue.

15. It can cause vagina odor  or smell

I hope this can help you, please take care of yourself, is very paramount.

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