Hey make money doing these online business now

Online business you can do

Online business is key now, the truth is that in less than 5 years, if you’re still operating offline business you may not make any sales. Online business is taking over the normal offline business, and that is the trend. If your business is only operating offline, it time you took it online. Examples of online stores that operate online business are, Amazon, ebay, jumia, and so on.

There are many online businesses available ranging from selling physical product to digital products. In short if you wish you can do any business online.  Those business you sale offline, you can as well make them online business too and start to make money online far more than you have been making offline.

The good thing about online business is that you have unlimited customers. And also in online business distance is not a barrier. So if you have your business offline already, it is time you made it online business.

The list of online business you can do.

Note that it is not arrange in order of importance, all the listed online business below are all good, so the right is yours to choose one or two you can master and do it well and you will be happy you did.

Affiliate marketing

Online business

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Affiliate business is selling of other people product to earn commission whether offline or online.  Many of these online affiliate program can pay up 70% in commission .There are many online affiliate programs you can join for free online.

The site that offer affiliate program

clickbank.com: Commission Junction, Sharensale, Amazon affiliate , Jumia affiliate , Konga affiliate and many more


Online business


Drop-shipping is online business, where the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer order and shipment details to either the manufacturer,  or a wholesale or even another retailer who then ship the goods directly to the customer.

To start online business of drop-shipping , you need to create your own e-commerce site or you join already made e-commerce web site like  Shopify , Amazon, ebay , jumia and may more.

Buy and sale Domain name

Online business

To buy and sale domain is a lucrative online business. In this business you can make a lot of money in low distance time if you know the in and out of the business

As the name entails, this online business simply means buy a domain name at low price and sale at very high price. In this online business you can make 400% in profit.

Where do you buy or sale domain name :To buy a domain name you can do so on bluehost.com or GoDadd.com etc. But to sale them you can do so on Flippa.com, Sedo.com, or AfterNic.com

Stock trading online

Online business

This is also a very lucrative online business you can do. The stock trading was hard in the pass but not now any more since it has been cracked wide open for whoever that are interested. Today you can do it all yourself with the help of online market trading platforms.

To start this online business, you can do so on these platform,  or Plus500 and eToro.com. Etoro.com was once featuring on BBC. In etoro you can copy a trade pattern, from a performing traders and that makes the best.  Though if you are not comfortable with any of these two, you can go over the internet and find any other stock broker, because there are other good ones out there, other than these ones motioned above.

My advice on stock trading:  please before you go into it make sure your have learnt the in and out of stock trading,  because it very risky to just go into stock as you may loss all you capital in one trading, if you do not know the in and out of stock trading.

So if you want to join stock trading, you go to etoro.com, and use their free practice platform and learn it, or get one on one experience coach before you finally decide to trade on stock.  ,

Forex trading online

Online business

Farex trading is online business, where buy or sale hard currency. In forex trading you can make thousands of dollars in some minutes or lose your whole capital in some minutes too, though it depend on how good you are in trading and your capital too?  If you are good in forex  trading , you definitely make money with it, because it is good platform to make money online if you are good in it.

If you want to trade on forex, first all, get trained before you start, this is because forex is highly technical and for you to make decent money in forex you have to be somehow guru in forex  trading

To start forex trading after you might have gotten training, go over the internet and look for good forex broker online and join them and start trading


Sale e-book on Amazon kindle direct publish (KDP)

Online business


What is e-book? It is book published over the internet, for the purpose of selling them or for people to read.  E-book can be on anything at all, for example you can write e-book on wealth creation, Health and weight loss, Love, relationship, Food and diet, and many more.

So if you are an author or good in writing anything that people may like to consume, head on to KDP, publish your e-book for free and start make money online.  People are making good money on this platform; though depend on your e-book and volume of your sales

To publish e-book online, you do not need money for that, you only pay about 30% of your sales to the platform where you are selling it.  So you can make publishing e-book as your business if you are good in writing. The good thing about e-book is that you can sale it forever as far it remain relevant and updated.

Sale photo online

If you are creative and good photographer, there is opportunity for you, to make it in online business. If you are out to make it online business with photography, you must have a good camera and also creative. In this business you will no long wait on customers, because when you take it online, the whole world have become you customers.

What type of picture do you sale online? You can sale any picture online, but I would advise you concentrate on the pictures of celebrates, animal and nature.

Where do you sale pictures online: You can sale your pictures on Fotolia.com or istockphoto.com, though there other site you can do that but I would want you to try these two.

Start your own online store

Online business

What is online store? Online store is ordinary store or shop you know, but the difference is that it is situated over the internet or online, apart from that, there is no much difference from offline store or shop.  In online store normal buy, selling and payment are taking place, but all the transition is done on the internet. In online store you cannot see the store owner face to face, but be rest assured that whatever you buy on the store will be delivered to you.

How do you start online store or shop? It is very simple, there are two platform, I will suggest for you, shopify or selfhosted wordpress +woocommerce.  If you are taking Shopify, all have to do is to pay $29 Monthly and set up your our store there and start selling .

But if you are going for Selfhosted wordpress + woocommerce , you will need the followings:

  1. A domain name which will be your store name also
  2. Hosting of the domain, that is where your store or website lives on internet
  3. Installation of wordpress + woocommerce

When you finish with these three listed compulsory things to do, what you nest is to add products and start selling.



Online business

You may ask whether blogging a business, I will answer yes, it is a very serious business. You know why, because with your blog or web site you can do almost any online business, from affiliate marketing to selling you’re our products. May even decide to sale your digital products like your e-book on your own blog instead of selling on other platform

Under blogging as online business, there are many niches you can choose to blog on. For example you can start blogging of any of the followings: Video streaming, Job, Entertainment, Information or news, soccer, Technology, Music downloading, Food, health and many more, depending on the one you are good in.

In business of blogging you can make a lot of money here, but all depend on your effort

How do make money blogging? You can make money blogging by monetizing using adsense, affiliate program, sponsored post and many other ways.

To start this online business there are free and paid blog platform, so if you want to start your own blog, click on blogger.com or wordpres.com  and create a free one or employ the services of web site developer to create a professional one for you.







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