Health: Ways of maintaining a healthy living

Maintaining a healthy living

How to maintain a healthy living throughout your life span

To maintain healthy living can be as easy as abc, but it depends on your behaviors and also your life styles toward achieving healthy living.

If all things being equal one can live and die at old age without having any major health conditions, all depends on your health styles.

Therefore to maintain a healthy living you must put these Four things in into consideration:

  1. First what you eat and time you eat them plays a good role in your healthy living.
  2. Exercise and
  3. A regular medical checkup.
  4. Take enough water everyday, very important

What to eat to maintain a healthy  living

Your healthy living mostly depends on what you eat. There are certain food you need to eat to a limit, while there are ones you can eat without limits to stay healthy all the time.

Food you eat to a limit to maintain a  healthy living

These types of food are very important in the body, but they should also be moderated.

Such foods are: Food that contains mostly carbohydrate, protein, fact and oil. If you look at them, they are what the body  need every day , but one still need to know the quantity   one needs per a day to avoid eating them in excess, which if continues  for a long time may cause serious health conditions. For instance, when you eat excess carbohydrate, it may cause you to have more fat in your body, that is where insulin is working well,. But a situation where insulin is low in your body, consuming excessive carbohydrate will result in too much glucose in your blood, which is bad

Undigested saturated fat and oil, may find their way into your blood stream, which may cause high blood pressure and heart attack.

What you must eat every day to maintain a healthy  living

My dear to stay healthy you must form the habit of eating these foods, whether you like it or not. What are these foods, they are the one richly in vitamin, minerals, antioxidant and many more.

They are fruits, and vegetables foods.

To maintain a healthy living, you have to make fruit and vegetable among your daily meals. You cannot eat fruits and vegetable in excess, eat them as much as you can every day.

The important of fruits and vegetable in your daily meals cannot be over emphasized, as they can help in many ways like:

  1. Fruit and vegetable can help us maintain a healthy kidney and liver
  2. Fruits and vegetable contain an anti aging nutrients
  3. Fruit and vegetable help in digestion
  4.  They help us to retain water in our body
  5. They are good agent of weight loss
  6. They help to maintain a healthy skin and hair
  7. They help in digestion of cholesterol, thereby reduce high blood pressure and heart attack
  8. They contain antioxidant that helps to fight free radical in your body
  9. Fruit and vegetable intake can boost our immunity systems


To maintain a healthy living, a regular exercise cannot be left out, as exercise can stimulate and boost your immunities,. When you do exercise, do the one you can do regularly not the one you will do once and forget, may be because  is hard for you, so choose the type of exercise , you find easy to do and it must be regular.

Exercise is very import, as it also, reduce stress, and lift your mood and help you sleep well. Exercise can keep you looking and feeling young throughout your entire life.

Keep a regular medical checkup to maintain a health living  

Regular medical checkups are importance in the following ways:

  1. It helps you to find your future medical problems before it start.
  2. Checkup can help you find a problem early when your chances for treatment and cure are better.


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