General physics question and answer 


general physics questions and answer  1-10

  1. The system international unit of pressure is Nm-2 or what?

Answer: Pascal

  1. Define pressure.

Answer: Pressure is defined as the force per unit area

  1. State the Pascal’s principle

Answer: The Pascal’s principle states that the pressure applied to an enclosed fluid is       transmitted  undiminished to every potion of the fluid and the walls of the containing vessel

  1. The apparatus we can use to compare the densities of two miscible liquid is called what?

Answer: Hare’s apparatus

  1. The pressure of a column of air from ground or sea level to height where atmosphere ceases to exist at about 80km is called

Answer: Atmospheric pressure

  1. The higher you go the less dense air become, therefore air is found to be denser at sea level. True or Force

Answer: True

  1. A glass of beaker inverted underwater and raised above the surface remain full of water. Why?

Answer: this happens because the air pressure on the surface of water is holding the water up inside the beaker

  1. The atmospheric pressure decrease with height (altitude). True or false

Answer: True

  1. Apart from using barometer to measure atmospheric pressure, what other thing can we use it to measure?

Answer: We can still use it to measure Height (altitude) and for weather forecasting

  1. An aneroid barometer can also be used as

Answer: Altimeter

general physics question and answer two 11-20

  1. The rate of change of angular velocity with time is called

Answer: Angular acceleration

  1. An any agent that changes or tend to change the state of rest or uniform motion of a body in a straight line is called what?

Answer: Force

  1. What is the momentum of a body defined as?

Answer: A momentum of a body is the products of its mass and velocity

  1. The tendency of a body to remain in its state of rest or uniform motion is called what?

Answer: Inertia of the body

  1. The impulse can be simple defined as what?

Answer: It can be simple defined as the product of force and time, that is I=Ft

  1. A body of mass 10kg, moving with velocity of 10m/s, came to rest after 20 seconds. Calculate the momentum of the body at rest

Answer: The momentum of the body at rest is zero, since momentum is the products of mass and velocity.

  1. The S.I unit of momentum, which is the same as that of Impulse of force, is what?

Answer: Newton seconds (Ns)

  1. What is the principle conservation of linear momentum?

Answer: The principle of linear momentum state that if no external forces act on a system of colliding object, the total momentum of a body in a given direction is constant

  1. Name the two types of collision

Answer: Elastic and Inelastic collision

  1. Why is that the velocity of recoiling gun is far less that the velocity of the bullet, though they have the same momentum?

Answer: it is because the mass of the gun is far bigger than that of the bullet.

General physics question and answer 21-30

  1. Calculate the force required to impact an acceleration of 5m/s2, to a mass of 10kg

Answer: F=ma, where m=mass=10kg, and a=acceleration=5m/s2, therefore F =10 x 5 =50


22.What is radioactivity?
Answer: Radioactivity is spontaneous decay or  disintegration of unstable nuclei of the atom of an element by the emission of alpha particles, beta particles and gamma radiation with production of energy

23 what is radioactive element
Answer: These are unstable elements that decay or disintegrate spontaneously to produce alpha particles, beta particle and gamma rays

24 define half life of radioactive element
Answer: The half-life or radioactive elements is defined as the time it takes for the radioactive element in the sample to reduce to half

25. List two types of radioactivity
Answer: They are Natural and artificial radioactivity

26. Define artificial radioactivity
Awesome: This can be simply defined making of non radioactive elements, a radioactive elements, by bombarding them with small nuclear particles (beta particles and alpha particles)

27. define nuclear fission
Answer: Nuclear fission can be defined as a process in which unstable and heavy nucleus split to produce two parts of comparable mass and energy

28. Define nuclear fusion
Answer: This can be defined as the joining of two or more light nuclei to form a heavy nucleus and also produces enormous energy

  1. What is a nuclear reactor?
    Answer: The nuclear reactor is a system in which a controlled nuclear chain reaction is used to produce energy
  2. How do you determine nuclear stability?
    Answer: Nuclear stability is determined by the interaction between the attractive nuclear force and electric repulsion of the protons

General physics question and answer 31-40

  1. Electron is negatively charged, proton is positively charged, what charge has the neutron
    Answer: Neutron has no charge32. What is thermionic emission
    Answer: thermionic emission is emission of free electrons from hot metal surface33. What is photoelectric effect
    Answer this is the emission of electrons when radiation of appropriate frequency strike a metal surface34. Define ionization energy
    Answer:  Ionization energy is the energy required to remove an electron completely from an atom in its most stable state35. The energy in electromagnetic waves is carried in a pocket (packages) called photons or what?
    Answer: Quanta

    36. The energy required to raise an atom from it ground state to an excited state is called what?
    Answer: Excitation energy

    37. Two main types of spectra are;
    Answer: Emission spectra and absorption spectra

    38. What is ion
    Answer: Ion is an atom that have acquired charges by losing or gaining electron

  2. What is a semiconductor?
    Answer: a semiconductor can be defined as materials that have resistivity or conductivity in-between conductors and insulators40. name two types of semiconductors

Answer: they are n-type and p-type semiconductors

General physics question and answer 41-50

41. Between conductor, semi conductor and insulator which one have the widest energy gap
Answer: Insulator

42. What is the full meaning of IC
Answer: Integrated circuit

43. Pure intrinsic semiconductors have two sets of charge carriers,  name them
Answer: Holes and electrons

44. At low temperatures semiconductors behave like insulators with the valence band filled and with conduction band empty. True or false
Answer: True

45. The process of adding impurities to semiconductors to improve its conductivity is called what?
Answer: Doping

46. A solid material with an energy gap of 1.2 eV is called what?
Answer: Semiconductor

47. In periodic table semiconductors belong to what group?
Answer: Group IV

48. The majority carriers in n-type semiconductor are electrons, why in p-type semiconductors, the majority carriers are what?
Answer: Holes

49. A conductor has zero energy gaps while a solid material with energy band gap of 6.0eV it is called what?
Answer: An insulator

50. Define the velocity of escape.
Answer: It can be described as the velocity a body needed to be fired with to escape gravitational influence of the earth

General physics question and answer 51-60

51. What is the Newton’s law of gravitation
Answer: The Newton’s law of gravitation state that the force of attraction between two masses is directly proportional to the product of the two masses and inversely proportional to the square of distance between them

52. The ability of capacitor to store charges is called what?
Answer: Capacitance of a capacitor

53. The work done in bringing a unit positive charge from infinity to a point against the action of the field is called what?
Answer: Electric potential

  1. A device for storing electrical charges is called what?
    Answer: Capacitor55 . To increase the capacitance of a capacitor we please what between conductors of capacitor
    Answer: We place dielectric56. The quantities of electric charges are measured in what?
    Answer: Coulomb57. The sounds obtained after the reflection of a sound wave is what?
    Answer: Echo58 . What is the speed of sound in air?
    Answer: 332m/s

    59. The doppler effect is caused by what?
    Answer: Relative motion

    60. Loudness of sound depends on what?
    Answer: Its intensity

General physics question and answer 61-62

61. Why do recording studios and concert auditoriums sometimes have their ceiling and walls covered with soft perforated boards?
Answer: It is to reduce the effect of echo or reverberation

62. The sound heard after the reflection of sound wave from a plane surface is called what ?
Answer: Echo










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