Fundamental, derived quantities and unit questions and answers

Fundamental quantities

1. Name three important fundamental quantities

Answer: The three important fundamental quantities are Mass, Length, and time

2. Why is Mass, length and Time most important fundamental quantities?

Answer: They are most important fundamental quantities because, the units of these quantities form base unit upon which the units of other quantities depend on.

3. What is the full meaning of S.I. Units?

Answer: The S.I.Units stand for system international units that is the universal accepted measuring units.

4. What are the units of Luminous intensity and Amount of substance respectively?

Answer: They are candela (cd) and mole (mol) respectively

5. What are derived quantities?

Answer: The derived quantities are those quantities obtained by combination of units of fundamental quantities. Examples, the unit of volume is obtained by multiplying the unit of length, that is m x m x m =m3, density is also derived quantity is give by the ratio of mass and volume that is Kg/m3

6. List the example of fundamental quantities and their units.

Answer:  The examples of fundamental quantities are as follow:

(a).Length , the unit is meter (m)

(b).Mass, the unit is Kilogram (KG)

(C).Time, the unit is Second (s)

(d).Temperature, the unit is Kelvin (k)

(e). Electric current, the unit is Ampere

(f).Amount of substance, the unit is b Mole (mol)

(g). Luminous intensity, the unit is Candela (cd)

8. List 12 derived quantities and their units

Answer: (i) Area, the units is m2

               (ii) Volume, the unit is m3

            (ii). Density, the unit is Kg/m3

             (iv). Speed, the unit is m/s

            (v). Velocity, the unit is m/s

            (vi). Acceleration, the unit is m/s2

            (vii). Force, the unit is Newton (N)

            (viii). Weight, the unit is Newton (N)

            (ix) Momentum, the unit is Newton second (Ns)

            (x). Pressure, the unit is Pascal (Pa) or N/m2

           (xi) Power, the unit is watts (w) or N/m 0s J/s

          (xii) Work/Energy, the unit is Joules (J) or Nm

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