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Crystalline and crystals

1. What is crystal?

Answer:  A crystal is any solid substance that has definite melting point.

2. What is a crystalline compound?

Answer:  A crystalline compound is a compound that has a definite shape peculiar to that compound

3. A substance of the same crystalline shape is referred to as what

Answer: They are referred to as ismorphous

4. The arrangement of molecules in crystal is called what

Answer: It is called crystalline lattice

5. The crystal lattices is measured using what

Answer:  They are measured using X-ray

6. The melting point of crystallines substance are usually high, why?

Answer: They are usually high because, a lot of heat is need to break the strong force (electrostatic force) biding the ions together

7. Crystals with atoms in their lattices is called Atomic crystals while the one with molecules in their lattice is called what?

Answer: It is called molecular crystals

8. A substance that has no definite shape is called what?

Answer: It is called amorphous substance or non-crystal substance

9. The two example of amorphous substance are what?

Answer:  Glass and plastic

10. Crystalline substance are usually soluble while amorphous substances are what?

Answer: Insoluble

11. Crystalline substances are either hydrated or anhydrous while all amorphous substances are what?

Answer: Anhydrous


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