Category: PHYSICS

Refraction of light CONTENTS Definition of refraction of wave Refraction of  through rectangular glass block Experimental determination of refractive index using real and apparent depth method Laws of Refraction  waves Refraction  through a triangular prism Total internal reflection and Critical Read more…

 Semi Conductors These are the material with resistivity between conductors and insulators. That is they are neither conductor nor insulator, therefore they are called Semi conductor. Examples, germanium has resistivity of 0.6×103Ω-m and silicon has resistivity of 1.5×103Ω–m Semi conductors Read more…

The lists of Physicist, their country, their discovering and the of year of discovering Introduction to the study of physics NAME                                                                                               YEAR COUNTRY                                INVENTION William Gilbert 1544-1603 ENGLISH hypothesized that the Earth is a Giant magnet Galileo Galilei 1564-1642 Read more…



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