black hole facts you may not know (over 30)

black hole facts

These are the the black hole facts you may not know

1. Black hole is a place in space where gravity pull so much that it can trap light
2. In black hole matter are being squeezed in tiny space hence the strong gravity
3. Nobody can see black hole because no light can get out from it
4. Black is produced during the last stage of dying star
5. Black hole was predicted by Einstein’s general theory of relativity
6. Black hole can also be formed by sufficient compact mass that deform space-time
7. Black hole can eventfully evaporate
8. Black can slow down the time
9. It is only black hole that can trap light or any electromagnetic wave by sheer gravitational force
10. It is a black hole facts that nothing can escape the pull of black hole including light
11. In black hole the boundary of region from where no escape is possible is called even horizon
12. Black hole in many ways act like black body
13. Black hole was discovered by Karl Schwarzschild in 1916
14. Black hole is spherical in shape and not funnel shaped
15. Suppermassive black hole exist at the center of most galaxies
16. The presence of black hole can be determined by it interaction with matter and electromagnetic radiation like visible light

black hole facts


17. Black hole grow by absorbing mass from its surroundings
18. Black hole spins
19. Black hole can be infinitely big
20. The nearest black hole is 1600 light year away from earth
21. There are difference types of black hole, like spinning black holes, electrical black holes and, spinning electrical black hole
22. Black hole can be very dense
23. Black hole can be noisy
24. Note also that it is a black hole facts that anything or matter can be a black hole in theory
25. Some laws of physics may not hold at center of black hole
26. Black hole limits the number of star in the universe
27. Black holes pull space around them
28. Black holes are ultimate energy factories
29. Black holes could spawn new universes
30. Black hole was not discovered by Einstein
31. Another black hole facts is that the radiation that seem to come from black hole does not actually come from black hole but from accretion around the black hole

Facts about the brightest thing in universe Quasa

  1. Quasar also known as QSO Quasi-Stellar object is   an extremely luminous active galactic nucleus
  2. Quasars are the furthest object from galaxy that can be seen
  3. Quasars are the brightest object in the universe
  4. Quasars are  believed to be a supermassive black hole rounded by an accretion disk.
  5. Quasar is about two billion time the mass of sun
  6. Quasar is about 0ne billion light year away from Earth
  7. Quasars emit energy of about of trillion volts
  8. Quasars can be regarded as the early stage of black hole
  9. Quasars radiate 1000 time more energy than all the stars in Milky Way put together
  10. The most powerful Quasar have luminosity above 1041 watts
  11. Quasars were fist indentified in 1950 as a source of radio wave  emission of unknown physical origin
  12. From Hubble space Telescope Quasars appear to occur at the center of galaxies
  13. The term quasar was coined by Chinese-born U.s astrophysicist Hong-tee Chius in may 1964
  14. Quasar are believed to be powered by accretion of material into supermassive black hole in the nuclei of distant galaxies
  15. The energy produced by quasars are generated outside the black hole
  16. The huge luminosity of quasars result from the accretion disc of central supermassive black hole
  17. All observed quasars’ spectra have redshifts  between 0.056 and 7.085
  18. Quasars show the location where black holes are growing rapidly
  19. Quasars luminosities are variable, with time scales that range from month to hours
  20. The radiation from quasars are partially non-thermal
  21. Quasars provide some clues as to the end of the Big bang’s re-ionization
  22. Types of Quasar are: Radio-loud quasars, Radio-quiet quasars , Broad absorption-line (BAL) quasars , Type 2 (or Type II) quasars, Red quasars , Optically Violent Variable (OVV) quasars,  and Weak emission line quasars
  23. Quasars are useful reference points in establishing a measurement grid on sky
  24. The observed properties of a Quasars depend on factors like the mass of the black hole, the rate of gas accretion, the orientation of the accretion disk relative to observe, the presence or absence of a jet, and the degree of obscuration by gas and dust within the host galaxy
  25. Quasars are found over a very broad range of distance
  26. It is believed that the activity of black hole is see as Quasars
  27. The luminosity of Quasar is about 4 trillion (4 x 1012) times that of the sun
  28. You can as well add what you know about Quasar, using the comment box.

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