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30 easiest places to make money online from homes

How to make money online from homes

Here you are going to learn, where and how to make money online. There are many places where you can make money online. I am not here to tell you story, therefore I will go direct to tell you how to make money online from homes.

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What you are about to learn is not how to make money online today today no or quick way to become rich, but I am going to tell you how to make money online consistently. Many may tell you that there is quick way to riches but that is not true but all I know is that, there are ways that look easier than other, and that is not to say that they are quick way to make money anybody that tells you that, is not telling you the truth. If you really want to make living online you have to devote your time and learn skills. Some of the examples of the skills are how to design wet site, Logo and graphic design, web analytic skill, digital or online advertisement, like facebook ads expert, adword expert, email marketing, digital marketing and many other skills that will help make money online fast.

Make money online from homes with upwork

Upworkp is freelance web site where you can buy or sale service, if you offer service in this site you make money but if you buy you’re the one to pay.

If you want to join upwork to making money online, it would be better you learn skill such as web design, graphic and logo design, photo-shopping or other skills but computer skills would make your application be accepted easily. Though in upwork you can be hired for anything, Data entry is also available there. If you’re an engineer, lawyer accountant, and many more professions you can also be hired for technical support online. In summary just go to and signup, you must find work you can do, because they hire for victual anything.

Make money online

When signing up with upwork, when it reach where they ask you If you want to hire or work, if you want to work then you click work but if you want to get your work done by somebody you click hire.

I say it again if you want to be accepted immediately after their 24 hour verification of your account make sure your profile is enticing.

To join upwork click here

make money online from homes with

Another one that work like is, to be accepted, here without delay your profile must be up and doing. In any of these you must acquire one or two skills, especial any computer skills. But if you have these skills already, go straight to the sites and register.

The major works that people offers in Gigbucks

The major work is to create social campaign for facebook page, Intagram account, and youtube. For example, adding 5000 fan page likes , sending 100000 viewer to your youtube channel , driving 200000 viewer to your intagram, or giving you 50, 0000 twitter followers.

Make money online

Another things that they do there are sending targeted traffic to your web site and also they do something like site SEO to backlinking to your site for money

So if you are good in all these things that I have listed or many more that I could not list or if you can compose poems, good in writing, photography, programming, social advertisement etc , you can go there and signup and start making money online

To sign up on Gigbucks click here

Make money online from homes with

Among the freelance web site is most common and also most reliable. For you to make it big and always have offer from client in fiverr , please learn one or two of these skills , web design, Logo and Graphics design, Email marketing , web Analytics, Online advertisement and word press blog installation. The above listed skills are hot cake in fiverr. If you are good in one or two of them, there is no way you will not make more than $50 every day for a job that is not up to one hour in fiverr.

In fiverr , be rest assured that you must be accepted, but what you can offer determine if your are going to have a regular work or not. Also for you to always get work in fiverr, I will advise you to regularly log in to bid for offers.

Make money online

How to sign up in

When you sign up, after confirming your email, click on become a seller at top right, and fill up all the necessary information for your personal profile, as you fill it do it well , because it is your personal profile which your potential client see. Your profile and gig will attract customers for you if you do it well.

Click to sign up.

Make money online from homes with is a site where you either buy or sale domain name to make money online. For some of you that do not know what is domain name, it is a name of any web site , example of domain are,,,,, and many more. Now that you have known what is domain name lets go back to the business of the day.

In there are domain names that are fully hosted , which are making money already, for example has more 50,000 user and is for sale for $505, with all these 50,000 users in, if you buy it in less than four months you would have covered your cost and have started making gain. There are also many sites that are making $1600, $3000 and $1087 per a month, and they are for sale in

So if you have such amount and buy it, I tell you in low distance that you would have started making money online already.

Make money online

Another way of making money online with is by buying and reselling a domain name. When you buy a domain name either in or elsewhere, for as low as $1, $9 $70, you can still resale it in for as high as $500 – $1600. Currently is selling for $1, sales for $40 and many more like that So if you have money invest in that cheap domain, when people that need it come they will buy it at high price.

When you buy a domain name to resale do not buy any domain name that is cheap, but always look for the one that have short and common name, if you buy this kind of domain it will not stay long with you, in low distance time buyers will surface.

IF you are interested click to sign up.

make money online from homes on is a site where people sale mainly digital products. Digital products are those materials that you cannot touch but are downloadable; examples of such are e-book, music, software, computer applications and many more.

People make money online in thousands of dollar promoting clickbank product. You too can make living promoting clickbank product.

Make money online

How to make money with clickbank

How to make money online with clickbank, is first of by joining their affiliate program (affiliate marketing) . What is affiliate marketing? It is selling other people product to earn commissions. When you join, then you look for product that you know if you promote it you will definitely make sales and earn good commission.

How do you promote clickban product.

You can promote clickbank product using the following platform

Social media account. If you have a facebook page that have followers in thousands you may use it to promote clickbank products. Likewise your twitter account, Instagram account, google plus, pinterest account and many more social account , but before you use any of them to promote clickbank promote make sure you have followers in the account from 5,000 and above.

Web site: If you have a web site with thousands of visitors every day, you can as well use it to run affiliate marketing in clickbank .

Paid ads: Paid ads is paid advertisement on platforms like googlle adword , google image ads, facebook ads, twiter ads, instagram ads pinterest ads bing ads, yahoo ads, solo ads and many more paid advertisement.

If you means business about making money online in millions of dollar in affiliate marketing whether in clickbank or any other affiliate program use paid advertisement, though you spend more here, but you will definitely make about 400% of what you spend in paid ads

Click on to sign up and start making money.

Make money online from home with Amazon

You can sale your own products in Amazon or sale other people product by becoming affiliate marking member. The amazon affiliate progrom accept any country in the world unlike other affiliate company that select countries like clickbank

Make money online from homes with amazon affiliate

First open on your browser , scroll down, at the bottom page look for become an affiliate and click on it. Then you create account with them. They will send you a massage on your phone and you use the code they send to you to confirm you registration with them. Now you are a member of amazon affiliate program, so the ball is on your court to find a product to promote and make money online.

How do you promote affiliate amazon

Just like what I told you about how you will promote clikbank affiliate that is also ways you can promote your amazon affiliate. By using social media (such as facebook fans page, twitter, instagram, pinterest and so on), your web site or by using paid advertisement. If you have forgotten please refer to how promote clickbank products above.

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Make money online with Amazon mechanical tulk (

Amazon mechanical turks was put in place to do those works that computers are not able to do yet. Though computing technology continues to grow and improve, there are many tasks that human beings can do more perfectly and effectively than computers, such as identifying objects in a photo or video, performing de-duplication, transcribing audio recording or researching data details and many more.

Amazon mechanical turk is a site that allows requester to post work to be completed at specific price. Requesters include researchers, consumer product groups, universities, small businesses and tech giants. The task they post are called HITs or human intelligence task. Therefore Mturk (Amazon mechanical turk) aims at making access to human intelligence scalable and cost –effective.

Make money online

How to join Amazon mechanical turks and start making money

If you what to join Mturk click and sign up and create workers account. When you create account, you will wait for them to send you invitation in 24 hour. Is either you are invited or you are not, if you are invited you complete the signing up and start make money by doing human intelligence task. The amount you make in mturk depends on your effort. For example you can make up to $600 or more in a week

Note that while creating account it redirect you to amazon to complete your signing up

Make money online from homes with Amazon kindle publishing

Amazon launched kindle direct publishing (KDP), which was originally called digital text platform, to be used by the authors and publishers to independently publish their books directly to kindle and kindle apps worldwide .

In Amazon kindle direct publishing, the publishers publish their e-book earn up 70% royalty on sales made from the e-book. To put your e-book in KDP is free.

So if your are an author or good in writing anything that people may like to consume, head on to KDP, publish you e-book for free and make money online. People are making good money on this platform; though depend on your e-book.

How do you join Amazon kindle direct publishing?

To join Amazon kindle direct publishing click on, and sign up with your Amazon account or create one if you don’t have Amazon account yet. If you sign in, click update to complete your KDP account, and after that you can go on and publish your book, if it is approved, then you start making money each time customer buys.

Make money online

Make money online from homes with

In you make money by writting article for people. is the leading article and content writing service site. For example if you need posts, product descriptions or technical content, textbrotker authors will provide a unique content that will capture your users’ attention and increase your search engine ranking

Apart from getting your work done here, you too can become an author here and start writing article for client here for money

Make money online

How do you join Textbroker as author?

To join click on, when it open, go straight a click on register, when register open click on, sign in as author. When you sign as author, there are various area of expertise where you can work if you are qualified in that area like Education, business, art and craft, computer, automobile ,economy, game, environment and many more.

Steps on how to become an author in text

Step one: you register

, step two: you submit a writing sample,

Step three: You get ratting

Step Four: You complete your author profile and

Finally step five: you start writing for cash.

make money online from homes blogging

What is blogging? It is writing of what you know and putting it on internet for people to read and benefit from it. For you to blog, you need a web site. There are free and paid web site, if you have money you can start with paid one, but if do not have money go for free one, like But paid one is far better for many reasons.

Before you think of making money online with your blog, you must have developed it with consumable contents that may be fetching you at least 1000 unique visitor per day. After making sure that you at least 1000 visitors a day, Now you can monetize the blog to start making money.

Make money online

How do you monetize your blog to make money online

A blog can be monetize by , adsense , affiliate marketing , direct advertisements,, wordads if your blog is on word press and many ads company . But for now adsense and affiliate marking are the best.

If you want to start your own blog, click on and create a free one or employ the services of web site developer to create a professional one for you. Good luck.

Make money online from homes with survey

Survey is research method for obtaining information from a sample of people, with intention of gathering and generalizing results for a larger population. Survey has many purposes and it can also be conduct in difference ways. Survey can be done, by phone call, printed questionnaire, mail, in person or on the web.

There are many paid survey online, where you can make passives money, so if you what to join survey to make like $10 to $20, go over the internet look for good one and join.

Before you join any survey site to make money online, run a scam test on it, to know if the site is a scam, legitimate and also whether they pay. This is because many of survey sites are scam, they are just to collect you email. Though there are also many good one that pay well.

More so you should not pay money to join any survey site, if they ask you for money either to register or claim your earning, know that they are scammers.

You can try these survey site,,, ,

Make money online

Make money online from homes with

In you, search or shop and share your opinion to earn. Here You can make money online doing what you have been doing, that is by searching the web. It is one of the easiest way to make money online. Here all you need to do is to search the web

Interested in earning cash for doing what you already do online? This has to be one of the easiest methods of making money online without really making any effort or change in your behavior.

Make money online

The pay you for searching in Google, Bing or Yahoo. You just install a simple add-on to your browser and when you conduct a search there may be a few sponsored results alongside your normal search.

In qmee there is no minimum cash out , whatever you make will be wired to you account
Sign up now for free and start making money online. Click

Make money Online from homes with online stock trading

The stock trading was had in the pass but not now any more since it has been cracked wide open for all whoever that are interested. Today you can do it all yourself with the help of online market trading platforms.

From experiment done the two biggest company trading stock platform online and, though both offer free practice account, but i prefer etoro. that have about 5 million users worldwide. was once featuring on BBC.

Make money online

In etoro you can copy a trade pattern, from a performing traders and that makes the best.

My advice on stock trading, please before you go into it make sure your have learnt in and out of stock trading, because it very risky to just go into stock as you may loss all your capital in one trading if,you do not know the in and out of stock trading.

So if you want to join stock trading, go to, you their free practice and learn it, and get one on one experience coach before you finally decide to trade on stock. Good lock.

Make money online from homes with Getpaid to site

This is another way of making money online, Get Paid to site (GPT site), is just similar to survey being discussed above. Here you are rewarded in cash or vouchers, when you complete a various offers or activities online.

Make money online

The most popular sites In GPT sites today are, and

To join and start making some passive income visit any of the site mentioned above.

Make money online from homes with

Clickworker is another place to make money online, it provides digital tasks to interested workers. As a clickworker you work at your own convince hour and independently also from any computer with internet. Clickworker is similar to amazon mechanical turk discussed above. In clickworker you can make up to $9 or more in an hour doing simple task.

Make money online

Clickworker choose form pool of available task he or she want to do. The task available may vary from clickworker to clickworker, depending on their qualification, previous work assessment, education language ability and interest.

Sign up for to clickworker by clicking

Make money online by becoming Teacher online

To become a teacher is now easier than ever, not then when it was restricted to local face to face secession, but now one can find tutorial site over internet and join, if you are accepted, you start making money by teaching students online.

I can recommend these site if you want to make money online by teaching : Udemy and UKTutors

You can expect to earn upwards of $20 per hour, and you don’t have to be highly qualified to tutor younger GCSE or even A Level students.

Make money online with YouTube videos channel

You tube is the one of the ways to make money online . The recent research shows that people now visit you tube more than the they visit google for search. And with the introduction of you tube partner program you can earn money by making and uploading on you tube. You receive some percentage of the revenue generated by advertisement over 1000, views

You can make good money on you tube, depending on your subscriber base, topics, and how viral is your video.

You can generate you video from story making the news every day or you start your video from scratch.

To join you tube, you will need a gmail account, if don’t have gmail mail account you create one here.

Make money online from homes with

Make money online

In this site you are paid to give feedback on website. In each feedback or test you are being paid $10. Your work in, are visiting website, completing some tasks and recording your feedback about the users experience. The task here take 10 to 20 minutes to complete

You can join by clicking here or

Make money online with sponsored post

This is another pretty way of making money online. If you have a huge, facebook page fans, or huge Instagram followers or twitter followers, is time you look for people that may want to use your account to promote their products or anything at all, and make money from them. One sponsored post should cause not less than $200.

Even if you don’t have huge followers in your social media account and you want to make money through this process, you can build one from a scratch and start nursing it until you have minimum of 5000-7000 fans. When your social media fans has grown that huge, you may not even look for sponsored post, but you may use it to run and affiliate marking or sale your own products or for both.

If your blog web site has enough subscribers or you are having up to 5000 unique and up to 10,000 page views, company may also wish to have a sponsored post in your blog site

Make money online with adsense

To make money online with adsense, you must have a blog with sizable unique visitor and page view every day. If you also have a performing you-tube channel , you can also make money online with adsense.

For you blog or you-tube channel to be accepted by adsense , you blog or you-tube must abide by the rules of adsense.

The rule is that you site unique contents that add values to the visitors of your site and the contents must also not copied ones. You site must be easy to navigate; about and contact page must us be included in your blog site.

So if you site has above listed conditions, you hurry up to apply for adsense and start to make money online.

Make money online from homes selling your our product.

It is proven facts that you can make money online selling you own products than selling them of offline. If you have products that you are selling offline, you can make use of free or paid platform to sale your products online to make more sales and more gains.

For free platform you can make use of facebook, whatapp account, twitter account or instagram account.

For paid platform, if have a web site where you sale your own products you can make use of the following paid ads: facebook ads, adwords, instagram ads, twitter ads, pinterest ads and many more.

You can as well sale on platform that will collect commission from you only when you sale on their platform. In this case you sale on Amazon, ebay, shopfy, jumia, and konga.

If you have digit product to sale you can sale them on clickbank, clicksure and may other platform.

Make money online from homes with

Quidco is anther platform where one can make money online. How do you make money with this site online? You make money called cashback. The cashback is money you get back as a reward for purchasing things online as quidco member. What happen here is that if you are quidco member, the money the retailer pay quidco for sending to them a buyer, the quidco will give it to you, and the money is called cashback , and that is hove you make money being a quidco member.

Make money online

In quidco you yearly admin fee of about $8, wish is from you cashback money, but if you don’t make up to that amount as a cashback, you are not going to pay anything

To join them and know more about them click here and sign up

Make money online from homes with

Make money online

Slicethepie, is one of the largest paid review site online. You can make money online here by reviewing, music, clothing and a lot more. But most of the review here is done on music. In Slicethepie, you are being paid for your opinion or suggestion

To join Slicethepie and make money online click here.

Make money online from homes with

Make money online

In Fotolia , both amateur and professionals are allowed to sale photos or image. Here image of celebrates are sold to people that need them. Not only photo, video can also be purchase here. So if you have any to sale join Fotolia here. and make money online Or you can join, they are the same.

Make money online from homes with

You can also make money online with Zopa. Zopa is the pioneer of peer to peer lending, which use the internet to cut out the banks entirely. Zopa matches server with individual that want to borrow leaving out bank

make money online

In Zopa, you can invest or take loan, if invest that is when you save your money with them you will, be paid interest. They make borrowing also easy for the borrowers

To join Zopa click here.


While you look forward to make money online from homes please, do not pay money to join any platform to make money online. If you are being asked to pay money , know that is a scam. So always run a scam test before signing up to make money online. This is because many are out there to waste your time and also to collect your email. Good luck as you join good ones as i listed above to make money online.

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