Month: April 2019

Holding urine

Holding urine side effect on your health

. It can cause urinary tract infections [UTIS], because if urine stays long in your bladder, the bacteria in the urine, may
trace its way into urinary track and thereby causes infections.

2Another holding urine effect is Kidney Stone. The urine may trace its ways back to kidney and deposit calcium and sodium from the urine on the kidney. If this continues always, the deposit of calcium and sodium will form stone in the kidney, and that is what leads to kidney stone, which is serious health condition.

masturbation effect

Masturbation effect and the solutions

The effect masturbation :Masturbation has been in practices, as old as human being.  Many adopted it as the way of satisfying themselves sexually, because masturbation just like any sexual activity releases endorphins in your body that promotes sense of happiness. Masturbation is more practiced by men than women. Though many seem to enjoy it, it …

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Electrolysis, examples and importance

Electric current can be conducted through a liquid or liquids by the process of electrolysis. What is electrolysis?  Electrolysis can be defined as decomposition of a certain liquid and solution into their component parts when electricity is passed through them.  Electrolysis cannot be discussed without talking about electrolyte, ions,   voltameter  and  electrodes. What is electrolyte?  It can be …

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Miscarriage prevention, in pregnancy

How to prevent miscarriages Miscarriage prevention : Many pregnancies, up 20% end up in miscarriage. A lot of factors contribute to miscarriage in women, which range from biological factors to lifestyle. According to doctors some miscarriages can be avoided by just changing your lifestyle. While majority are caused by biological factors, which are beyond the …

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