Month: May 2018

how to read Vernier caliper

Vernier caliper is an instrument use in measurement. We use vernier caliper to measure small length such as diameter of rod ,  internal diameter of a tube  the depth of a cavity or the thickness of a plate, that which cannot be measured accurately  by  meter rule.  parts of the Vernier caliper. A Vernier caliper …

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Newtons Law of cooling statement

Newtons Law of cooling Newtons law of cooling state that for small difference in temperature between a body and it surroundings, the rate of gain or loss of heat by the body is proportional to the difference in temperature between the body and the surroundings. The Newtons law of cooling only holds in small range …

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X ray and Compton scattering

X-ray production The x-ray which is an example of electromagnetic, is produced when a rapid moving electron that have been accelerated through a potential difference of 103v to 106v strike a metal target.  The electron are produced by thermionic emission from the heated cathode and accelerated toward the anode (target) by large potential difference between …

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Laws of Conservation of Momentum (physics)

Law of Conservation of Momentum Before we talk about conservation of momentum, let us first of  all  define momentum. Momentum is the products of mass and velocity. For example if a body of mass, M, is moving with velocity v, then the momentum of the body is = m x v. From the Newton’s second …

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Newton’s laws of motion

Newton’s laws of motion Newton’s laws of motion: Before we discuss Newton’s laws of motion, note that forces are the only thing that cause the motion of a body. Forces: it can be defined as agent that can change or tend to change the state of rest or uniform motion of a body in a …

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Electric field

what is electric Field

Electric Field Electric field cannot be discussed without first all talked about electric force. Electric force: According to coulomb’s law, which state that the force of attraction between two charges is directly proportional to that products of the two charges and inversely proportion to the square of distance separating them and also act along the …

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What is Photo electric effect in physics?

Photo Electric effect What photo electric effect?. It can be defined as the emission of electron from metal surface when photon or electromagnetic radiation fall on it shows on it. For some surface like sodium, the wavelength photons have to be short (ultra-violent  or x-ray). To ensure emission. While for other such as cesium electrons …

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The physics branches

 physics branches  are 1.OPTICS: this is the  physics  branches that is concern with the study of light. Under optics physics we talk about electromagnetic radiation (EMR) like ultraviolet light and son. Optics has three branches, they are: Geometrics optics– which deal with the study of light as rays Physical Optics-which is the study of light …

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