Month: April 2018

QUESTIONS on Heisenberg uncertainty principle

QUESTIONS on Heisenberg uncertainty principle 1 Determine the Heisenberg uncertainty in the Energy of photon which is radiated in time interval of 10-5s Momentum of 0.2kg football moving with a speed of 20ms-1 and restricted to a region of 25cm Determine the fractional  uncertainty in momentum too. Solution (1) using   (2) using   (3) Using   …

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The Heisenberg uncertainty principle

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that neither the position nor momentum of a particle can be determine with great precision simultaneously That means that is not actually possible to measure exact position and velocity of every particle in the universe at a certain time. If measurement of a co-ordinator of x, has …

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quantization of atom in physics

quantization of atom quantization of atom: According to Rutherford in 1910, atom which is positively charged at the nucleus and negatively charged at the obits would collapse in about 10-10s due attractive force between the nucleus and electrons, but in 1913 Niels Bohr  applied quantum theory to the problem and made a suggestion that electrons …

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Satellite definition

How to mount Satellite in orbit What is satellite?  These are body which move around the moon or planet. Some of them are natural while others are artificial.  To put satellites in orbit at certain height above, it must enter the orbit with correct speed where the centripetal force needed to keep it in orbit …

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specific heat capacity definition

Specific heat capacity The specific heat capacity of a substance is defined as the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of a unit mass of substance, through the a degree rise in temperature.( 1oC of 1k) . The quantity of heat received by the substance is directly proportional to the mass, change in …

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gravitational force definition

The gravitational force Before we go in gravitational force as it was defined by Newton law, let first all say something about gravitational field .The gravitational field can simple be described as field force. This force attracts all objects near to the Earth’s surface. That is the Earth exerts attractive force on every object near …

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surface tension definition

Surface tension and it co-efficient The surface tension is  being defined as a force that act parallel to the surface of a liquid. That is why a surface of liquid behaves as if it is covered with elastic skin, so the surfaces appear to be under tension which is called surface Tension. The surface tension …

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Elastic property of materials and Hooke’s law

Elasticity of Properties of Solids A body is said to be elastic if it retains its original shape after undergoing stretch or compression. For wires or springs, it observed that if a gradual stretch force is applied, the extension e, produced at anytime is directly proportional to the force or load applied. But if you …

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Classification of Machines in physics

What is Machine? Machines are devices by which work can be done easily. Examples of machines are , hammers, scissors , wheel barrow , pulley, Crowbar or anything at all that can help you do your work at ease. Terminology of simple machine Mechanical advantage: it is defined as the ratio of load to the …

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