20 Small scale business you can do to make cool money

Small scale business

    20 Small scale business you can do to make cool money


Small Scale business : below we have lists of small scale business you can do. If you are a graduate that have been looking for job, but job is not forthcoming  or whatever you are and you are looking for a business to do, maybe there is no enough capital to start big, don’t worry again there are many small scale business you can start right away with your small capital.

Some of the business you think you can only start it with big money, is not true, the fact is that you can also start it with small capital and update as time goes by.

Procrastination is very bad; as you are reading this write up now do not delay any more, because time waits for nobody. But that does not mean that you will not plan well. Please do not go into any business whether small scale business or not,  without plan, it is suicidal if you do so. Though as you are planning, do not entertain any unnecessary delay, immediately you conclude your plan make a step and move. Also recall that you cannot know everything about the business you have no done. So when you have the basic knowledge of a business, and you have the capital, start it and the rest about the business you will know it by your experience in the business.

To start a small scale business I would advise you to go into business of production in small scale. Many of you think that is only big man that can venture into production, which is no no no .  Here and now I will list and explain to you small scale business of production you can go into. They are many of them.

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Note that the small scale business of production listed below was not done in any particular order, they are randomly listed, so you choose the one you love and you can do.

  1. Paint production

Production of paint is a very lucrative business which you can start with amount as low as #100,000 as the raw materials are not far-fetched and they are cheap also. The only problem in paint production is that there are other big wings in the business that have made name, but that does not mean that you cannot start it as a small scale business and work hard to grow.

When you start paint production as a small scale business, make people around you, your first customers and try to do a quality one too, and when they have accepted your paint they are the one to market them for you.

Also try to make your own cheap and quality too

  1. The list of raw material for paint production

They are Pigments, Examples: White pigment is Titanium dioxide, black pigment is Carbon black, Red pigment are iron oxides and cadmium sulfide, yellow and orange  pigment is metallic salts and many order pigments readily available in chemical shops.

Solvents, Examples:, They are low viscosity and volatile liquids, like petroleum mineral spirits and aromatic solvent such as benzol, alcohol, esters,

Resins, Examples: epoxies and polyurethane, coconut and soybeans oil.

Additives, Examples: calcium carbonate and aluminum silicate.

The pigments give the paint color, solvent make it easier to apply, resins make it dry and additive saves as fillers and anti-fungicidal agents. So paints are made by mixing the pigment with Resin, solvent and additive to form paste and you are done. To for more understand on how to produce paint searches the web.

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  1. Soap production

Soap production is a very lucrative one; people are making decent money in the business. And is a business you can start with #20000. I am not talking about the normal liquid soap that almost everybody are doing now, no I am talking about solid or bar soap for washing or bathing, though people still make money from those locally made liquid soap. Even if you don’t want go into soap production for sales, you can do that to produce the one you use.

You can make soap production a small scale business or a big one. Any way you want it, therefore   if you have small capital, it will not stop you from interring into soap production as small scale business.

How to produce soap whether liquid or solid is very easy to learn and the raw materials are all around us and cheap too.

Raw material for soap production: The major raw materials for soap production are oil like palm oil, palm kennel oil coconut oil and any oil at all readily available and cheap for you. Note that the quality of the soap depend on the type of oil you use.

Soda ash: this chemical is also one of the major raw materials for soap production. Soda ash can be locally made from ashes in our homes for black soap production

Another one is water and for bar soap you will need mould.

  1. Production of insecticide

The insecticides are chemicals we use in our homes to kill insects like mosquito and, cockroach. You can do this small scale business whether you know how to mix the chemical or not. All you need to do is to go to chemical shops around you, ask them to do it for you, come back and put them in container and start selling to people around.

This small scale business sale well in a local place, so if you are not doing anything now, start it , you will see that you will be getting money from it.

Other productions that you can produce like insecticides are production of disinfectant, perfume and after-shave.

Note that the seller of those chemical does not charge you for mixing it, they only collect money for the chemical and that is all.

  1. Coconut oil Production

Production of coconut oil is very lucrative small scale business of production that you can go into.  If you are living where there is abundance of coconut, production of coconut oil is good way to go. When you produce it , you can sale it online or offline, because it has high demand

How do you produce coconut oil? Very simple, get you coconut break it and remove the fruit, use hand grinding machine to grind, after you add water to it moderately and leave it till next day.

After about 24 hour, the oil might have been floating on top, carefully scoop the oil without adding water, after that you put the oil you scooped from the top in pot and boil it until there is no water in it, filter the oil and leave the chaff and you have produced coconut oil.

  1. Production of local gin

Local gin production is very lucrative small business scale you can venture into, and is also easy to produce. I do not mean when you buy synthesized chemical and you mix it with water you say you have produced local gin no, that is pure chemical which is not advisable to take. I am talking about producing local gin (ogogoro as is it is called in west Africa especially Nigeria where is it predominant) from natural resources like Rahpia palm tree juice.

How do produce local gin? Very simple, all you need to do is to get the raphia palm tree juice from the tapper, put in pot boil it to form steam, allow the steam to condense and that is local gin for you.

  1. Production of candle wax

Candle production in no doubt is a lucrative business, around the world due to religion activities and may other activities. It is also a small scale business that you can start with small amount and make a good living through it.   You can make candle for your own consumption or for sale

The major raw material for candle production is wax, and other raw materials like wicks, burner or boiler, container, fragrance oil for good smell, and pot that you will use to melt the wax.

To further understand how to produce candle search over internet.

  1. Production of egg

This business involves raising of egg-laying poultry fowl for the purpose of commercial egg production. Oh yes this is very good business which you can either run it as a small scale business or you run it as a big farm. This business gives money on a daily bases. If you have small money and you have a space any where even your homes go straight into this business.  You can start from 20 – 50 layers. Also you may  Start with those that are called point to lay, this type will only stay like two weeks and they will start laying egg for you.

Before you go into this business please meet the professionals in the field and get first hand information about the business.

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  1. Production of fresh juice

Large numbers of people prefer freshly squeezed juice or those juice bottles without coloring, flour or preservatives because of that it is advisable you try the business. Production of fresh juice simply means squeezing out juice from fruits like, mango, orange, pineapple cucumber, water melon and may others, and selling it naturally like that without adding anything, whether preservative or flour. The demand of the product is high; this because people are now aware and conscious of their health so can leverage on this and start this small scale business.

In this business you will need juice cart that will do squeezing; you will also need a shop or space.

  1. Production of chalk

Chalk production is also a good small scale business you can do to make a living considering the number of nursery and primary schools around us.  Why I want you to consider this business is that chalk has constant demand and the market is yet to be saturated.

Raw materials for chalk production are Plaster of paris or pop as it is popularly called, Calcium carbonate and water. To produce chalk all you need to do is  to pour plaster of paris (pop) which is the main raw material into a bucket and the required quantity of  calcium carbonate mix it well and then add water. Now mix them together until them form paste, pour it into mould and allow it to dry for about 15 minutes , loose the mould and gather your chalk, continue keeping them in sun to dry proper for about 3 three days , after that you chalk is ready for sale and that is all. Calcium carbonate is mixed with pop to make it smooth and fine.

Remember you will need mould the main equipment for chalk production, mixing bucket and cup, scraper and packaging material.

Production of ground nut oil

  1. Production of Vaseline

Vaseline production is a good business especially during try season. It is not capital intensive, you can comfortably do this small scale business in your home with small capital. It is easy to produce also. To learn more about how to produce Vaseline please use internet or you can go to chemical shops around you and they will be happy to teach you as far you make them customer.

Ingredient for Vaseline production:  Petroleum jelly, Lanolin/ Paraffin, and perfume.

The other small scale business you can do apart from production.

  1. Other small scale business you can do apart from production


Mini-importation is very lucrative, you can import something like lap top for as low as #5,000 and sale it up to #60,000 here Mini-importation business is a business you can do with any amount depend on what you want to buy. And also you can do it in your home with your smart phone of lap top.

What do need to do mini-importation business? You need first a good market place on internet where you can buy cheap and sale with enough gain when it comes, lap top and you visa or master card to make payment online, but I advise, you use paypal because it is more secured than master or visa card

You can import from Alibaba.com, or second hand items from ebay and more other web site.

  1. Sale you goods on jumia

Have you thought of selling on jumia, it is a good way to start. To sale in jumia you don’t need shop, all need is to sign up with jumia sale center, upload the picture of your product in jumia, and wait for message to supply when there is order for your product.  People are making decent money on this platform and you too can make money if you so wish.  To start this small scale business now head on to jumia sale center and sign up.

You may consider the following, small scale business:

  1. Selling old motor spare parts

This business give a lot of money, and is a business you can start with small amount of money, like #150, 000, you are good to go. To start this small scale business you need to learn it anyway. It will take you maximum of 6 months to learn. This business is more lucrative in Africa. Take it from me that this business can give you 100% in profit.

  1. Starting a betting shop

The business of betting is lucrative all over the world, so this very good small scale business for you too.

  1. Cyber café

Start a browsing center, people might tell you that this business is no more invoke because people do not visit Cyber café , as they can do anything in internet with their smart phone, but is not true, because, thousands of the people still use Cyber to do something like , registration Jamb, NECO, WAEC, GCE, printing of import paper, printing of immigration paper, typing and printing of important documents, and many more.

  1. Lesson center

I you have little money to hire hall or a class room; you can employ two or more teacher to start lesson for students that need it. I tell you to be frank with you if you do it well, is going to make you a millionaire in a year.   All you need is a good class room and qualified and capable teachers.

  1. Open barbing /hair dressing saloon

This business gives you more on a daily bases and it is very lucrative too. All you need in this business are good location and capable hands, and you are good to go. In this business you expect not less than 5,000 daily.

  1. Laundry business

This business can be done as a small scale business or large scale, depending on your capability. The number of people that engage in this business compare to the people that need their services is very small, so you can make use of the opportunity and start the business right away. Remember you can start it in you do this business with or without shop. What you do, is go around tell people about your service, collect their dirty clothes, go to your house and do  both washing and ironing in your house, and deliver to your customers in their home.

 20. consider fish farming.






















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