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18 Steps to make your way to financial freedom

What is financial freedom?

It is condition in which you don’t work for money again but instead money work for you.
In this situation you can decide to stay for house as long as you like, but keep on getting credit alert.

Who would not want a financial freedom? I think if there is, the person is yet to be born.

Now what do you do to achieve a financial freedom?

Before I go on, note that to achieve financial freedom is not a game of luck or chance, but a game of choice.

Yes when you choose to achieve financial freedom, you have achieved first step of becoming financially free.

In China 1+1 =2, in America 1+1 is still 2 and likewise anywhere you go.
What am I driving at? I mean that if you do what people that have achieved financial freedom did to get to that, you also must be financially free

Steps to financial freedom

  1. Make a strong decision towards achieving financial freedom

My dear the first step to achieve financial freedom is your decision. Have you determined against all odds to make it in life, then you must surely get there.
This decision should be devoid of doubt, you must be consistent in your decision, avoid distraction.

  1. To achieve financial freedom, own your own business

There is no way you achieve a financial freedom, while working for another, it is not possible. You may be rich while working for someone but not financially free.
So to be financially free, you must own a business, or something that may be bringing money for you.

  1. You must have savings

To achieve financial freedom you must be saving, any thing at all, savings is savings. you must not earn enough before you start saving. Any thing you are doing just save according to your income. What I mean is that whatever is your earning you can still save.

To save and earn high interest rate, consider PIGGYVEST

  1. Invest your savings

Investment is key to achieving financial freedom. There is no way you get to financial freedom without investment. You can not leave your savings in bank or wherever, without investment and expects increase, no, not at all.
But please while investing, first know the in and out of the business you want to do to avoid loss.
You can consider recharge and get paid for investment

  1. Read books on financial freedom

Reading financial books or a post like this is very important, because it is a source of encouragement and information on how to achieve financial freedom.
Reading a financial books is indispensable in achieving your financial goal. So find a good one and start reading immediately.

  1. Cut down your liabilities and acquire assets

To create wealth or to achieve financial freedom, you must reduce your expenditure. And save for more investment, and also you must not be extravagant in spending.

  1. Leverage through existing system

Achieving financial freedom, is not a child’s play. In doing that every body need already made ladder to climb.
It is easy to leverage on existing system to achieve your goal than creating a system from a scratch.

For example you can leverage on Internet to achieve financial freedom, you can also leverage on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, google+, twitter and many more social media to achieve financial freedom.

Many people use Facebook to chat, gossip, share picture or video, but the same Facebook has made people millionaire in dollars.
You may ask how ? It is because they leveraged on the population of people in Facebook to establish their business platform that will be viewed by many people.

Through this process many pepple have come to know their business and in turn patronize them.

So, for you to be on the side of early success, find already made system to leverage on for your business.

  1. You must be solving problems

Yes, to became financially free you must be solving problems.
For example Facebook solved a problem of communication among friends by leveraging on Internet, and in process become financially free.
Google solved the problem of scarce information at our disposal and in process created financial freedom for themselves.

So to achieve a financial freedom, look for a problem in your environment solve it and monetize it.

  1. Be perseverance and focus

You must be focus and avoid distraction of any kind.
The Truth is that distraction must come, but make sure
you are determined in achieving success. People will come with what look like is better than what you are doing, all is to distract you. please do not yield to that.

  1. Make use of technology in achieving financial freedom

Nowadays to achieve a financial freedom, you must be moving with time.
For example to advertise your business you may use paid ads like google adword, Facebook ads, twitter, Pinterest and many more social ads in other to reach many people in low distance time

  1. Employ the experts in your business

Always employ the best and dedicated one into your business. This will produce effectiveness and progress toward the the business, and thereby lead you to financial freedom in low distance time.

  1. You must be a risk taker, but not a deadly one.

Yes to achieve financial freedom, you must be a smart risk take. The risk should not be the one that Will knock you off the business, if it goes against you.

13. You must be hard

workingHardworking is no doubt one of ways of achieving financial freedom. But if you must work hard let it be smart , effective, and productive.

14.. Set your target

In achieving financial freedom, it is imperative to set target for yourself and work toward achieving it. When you set a target make it a high one, so that even if at the end of the day and you were able to achieve 50%, you are good to go.

  1. Invest in other business

One of the ways of achieve financial freedom, is ability to find more lucrative business and invest in it.
To make it to financial freedom, it is advisable that you do not put your eggs in one basket.
This is true because if one the investment is not doing well, probably the other will be doing well.

  1. Never be certified with any success.

In Japanese it is said that nothing is perfect, likewise no
success is enough, always look for more.
This ideology will always keep you at top.
Any time you become certified with a success, it will
make you reluctant to seek for more and it may lead you
to financial doom.

  1. Do not wait for right time.

To become financially free, there is no right time. The best time to start working toward financial freedom, is now
I mean now. and not the next minute.
The right time you want to wait for is a brother to procrastination. And there is no time give to procrastination that is enough, so the right time you are talking about may never come.
So grab an opportunity now and make now the right time.
Do not say tomorrow I will start , because tomorrow is endless. Take the bull by the horn and see yourself moving on top.

18 . Associate with people richer than you.

Yes, make friend with people a head of you financial Wise, who are ready to show you ways and opportunity they have been enjoy in their business.


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[…] 18 Steps to make your way to financial freedom […]


[…] 18 Steps to make your way to financial freedom […]

[…] 18 Steps to make your way to financial freedom […]

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