Alcohol health risks , stop or minimize alcohol intake

Alcohol health risks

Alcohol health risks

First what is alcohol? It can be categorized as drug. It can also be described as depressant, meaning that it slows down vital functions in the body that may result in slurred speech, unstable movement and inability to react quickly.

Alcohol health risks

1. It slows down your brain: Yes this is one of alcohol health risks, because when you drink alcohol, it is being absorbed into your bloodstream and circulates around your body including your brain. It also makes your brain to miscalculate that is why peopled that has taken enough alcohol stagger or miss speeches when talking.

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2. Alcohol destroys LIVER. This is also one the big alcohol health risks.  Biologists made it clear that in every digestion, liver plays key roles. Alcohol is very hard to digest, so it will be a very hard and difficult work for liver to digest alcohol. Liver over work itself trying to break down alcohol, and if this continues in long period, the liver will be damaged and one is in for trouble.

3. Alcohol causes dehydration.

4. It decreases metabolism .

5. Alcohol can cause indigestion.

6. Another alcohol health risk is that when you take it too much it can cause watering sperm.

7. Too much alcohol lowers immune system, and thereby exposing you to alcohol  health risks.

8. Alcohol can cause unprotected sex, which may lead to alcohol health risks by contacting sexual transmitted diseases (STD)  .

9. Another alcohol health risk is that it gives false hope.

10. Alcohol make one lazy and at time troublesome

11. Alcohol like drug is liable to abuse

12. It can cause extravagant speeding

13. Alcohol causes loss of appetite  

14. Too much alcohol causes, high blood pressure and heart disease

15. It can cause difficulty in learning and also memory problems

16. It can cause metal health problems

17. Alcohol can also cause depression and anxiety

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Drinks that contains alcohol

DRINKS                                                ALCOHOLIC CONTENT

1. BEER                                                       2-6%

2. CIDER                                                     4-8%
3.WINE                                                      8-20%
4.TEQUILA                                                40%

5. RUM                                                       40% OR MORE

6. GIN                                                         40-47%

7. WISKEY                                                  40-50%

8. VODKA                                                   40-50%

9. LIQUEURS                                              15-60%

10. PALMWINE                                          4-6%        

The contents of Alcohol

What makes a drink alcohol is the presence of ethanol in it. Ethanol can be made from grains, fruits, or even vegetable through the process called fermentation.

In conclusion I want you to note that some well blended or natural alcohol is not bad, when taken moderately, but run for your dear life by not drinking all those locally blended alcohol, which did not certify consumable quality, because they are very risky to your health.                          

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