10 Real ways to make money from home

Real Ways to Make Money from home

Making money from home is real and possible.
To make money at home is not a rocket science.
It depends on your efforts and dedications.
If you are serious about making money at home, you will definetly achieve it


There are many ways, you can work at home and make money. They are as follows.

Please if you are serious about making money at home, just choose one or two from the list of work at home job to make money at home. Do not want to dabble into all as that will get you confused

These are the work at home job, that will make money for you at home

Note that the list below is not in order of important

  1. Join kindle directpublishing

Kindle direct publishing is own by amazon. It is a platform where you can publish your book for sale online for free. In this platform publishers are making money in million. Though depending on how good your book is.
You can become one of these people, by join Kindle direct publishing.
What do i need to join Kindle direct publishing? All you need is a good book, a book that is of high demand by the public, and you are good to go.
So if you can write book, whether fiction or nonfiction
provided is good, heead onto kdp.amazon. com and start publishing your book to make money at home.

  1. Work at home as freelancer

To become a full freelancer, you need skills, such as, how to design website, how to design logo, how to write a good blogg post, expert in digital marketing like google ads, facebook ads, email marketing and many more..
Working at home as a freelancer can make you alot of money at home, all depending on how good you are in what you are doing and also how dedicated you are.
Do not go into freelance program without first of all getting skills, or else you will be frustrated.
Example of freelancer program you can join to make money from home are fiverr or upwork, but remember to make it here, skills are very important.

  1. Start a home lesson

You can start private lesson at your home, if there is a space for that. Home lesson is a proven way of making money from home.
So if you are good in any subject, start now, organise a private lesson at your home and start making money from home immediately.

  1. Work from home as clickworker

Click worker is worldwide organization that use crowd sourcing to allocate micro jobs in area which includes , writing, translating, data entry, and research.

I.You must be legally able and qualified to work in your jurisdictions

II. You must own computer or smartphone with internet access

III. For U.S citizens you must be at least 18

IV. You must pass assessment to have access to task

So if you have these quality go ahead and Join clickworker, and start making money from home.

Click clickworker to read more

  1. Work from home as a blogger

Blogging, if done well is a good way to make money from home. Blogging is lucrative, there are many ways to make money as blogger.
You can make money from home as a blogger, through advertisements, sponsored post, affiliate marking or selling your own products through your blogs.
How successful your blog becomes depend on your niche, quality of your blog post, and how consistent you are.

  1. Make money from home by owning a YouTube channel.

Yes YouTube channel has made money and continue to make money for the owners.
You too can start your own on any topic you are good in. It can be comdy, how to cook particular food, how to get rid of fats, or anything you feel that people many need to know.
Grow your audience, monetize and start making money from home.

  1. Make money from home by joining survey program.

A survey site is where you are asked to air your view about any topic and get paid for doing that.
Example of such site are; surveyJunkie, and swagbucks.
You can join any of this two and start making money from home now.

  1. Join Affiliate marketing program

What is affiliate program? It is a way of promoting and selling other people’s products online or offline to earn commission

As a blogger affiliate program has been proven to be the best way of making money, or monetizing your blog
Though you can still be an affiliate marketer without owning a blog or website.
In this case you may use social media like facebook, YouTube, instergram or Twitter to promote and sale your affiliate products by sharing you affiliate products links on them.

These are the company that run affiliate programs; amazon, Jumia, koga, clickbank, and many more.

  1. Make money from home by joining RAGP.

Recharge and get paid (RAGP) is a way of making money from home using social media. to know more about RAGP click recharge and get paid.

  1. Make money from home by joining Forex trading

Forex is a sure way of making money from home, but you must learn and master it before joining Forex trading, otherwise you are liable to loosing you entire trading money.
If you are not greedy that $20 -$50 profits daily is good for you, I think Forex trading is a way to go for you.
But if you are greedy, always wanting to make profits in thousands, please leave forex is not for you. Because your greediness will lead you to doom.
Again know the in and out of forex before joining it, or else you will surely regret.

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